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Top 10 Bratislava Hostels That’ll Make Your Pocket Friendly Holiday More Soothing

A centuries-old white castle atop the emerald green hill looks over the city of Bratislava, a city that is grappling with change and meeting it head-on. One of the smallest European capitals, the city borders both Austria and Hungary, becoming a great stopover city while doing a Euro trip. The city itself is like a picture postcard comes alive, the royal castle dominates the skyline while the old part of the city is topped with orange-tile roofs, a signature architecture style belonging to the medieval ages. The Soviet-era has left its mark, and the city has several historical neighborhoods with typical architecture.

From boisterous bars to gourmet restaurants and cozy cafes, the food and entertainment scene is fantastic. Bratislava hostels are a great base to explore the city and its many delights.

This list of top ten hostels in Bratislava that are backpacker friendly and easy on the budget will surely give you an experience of a lifetime while you’re out and about making new friends here!

1. Patio Hostel

Patio Hostel

The Patio Hostel is one of the best party hostels in Bratislava. It is a favorite for international travelers due to its good location and staff that speak English. The staff is welcoming, and they offer a lot of tips on how to get around the city, and the best restaurants and pubs to go. The hostel is neat and cleaned multiple times during the day. You won’t have to run ahead and get a shower space because there are enough shower stalls and toilets. There is free Wifi, and their indoor garden area is an ideal place to catch up on email and get that travel blog updated.

Location: Špitálska 2196/35, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 650/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

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2. Hostel Blues

Hostel Blues

Despite the name, Hostel Blues won’t be giving you any vacation blues! Although it will make you nostalgic once you are back home. The hostel has been rated among the best hostels in Bratislava in multiple forums, and guests generally refer to the downtown location and comfortable dorm rooms to be its best features. It has modern rooms and a fully-equipped kitchen where you can whip up a traditional feast and treat your new-found friends at the hostel. If you want to head out, the Old Town is a short walk away, and the city’s best cafes and restaurants are nearby. Everything is available at the hostel including a laundry room. Don’t miss out going to their beautiful terrace!

Location: Špitálska 2205/2, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 800/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

3. Wild Elephants Hostel

Wild Elephants Hostel

Chances are you might find a partner for your trip to Indonesia while staying at the Wild Elephants Hostel! The hostel is run by travelers who know what other hostellers desire on their travels abroad and have created a free-spirited space where they can meet other travelers and find a comfortable and cheap place to stay. It is one of the cheap hostels in Bratislava town and offers safe accommodation for a steal. The hostel is located in a 200-year old building, and the interiors are quirky with wall art by past guests at the hostel. If you are a true hosteller, you will find this home away from home!

Location: Františkánske námestie 8, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 650/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

4. Art Hostel Taurus

Art Hostel Taurus

The Art Hostel is a space that is inspiring and the perfect base for creatives and artists on their visit to Bratislava. The white-interiors lend a calm atmosphere to the hostel and the photographs and art induce wanderlust. It is one of the few Bratislava hostels that have a live music stage with all the music equipment like bass guitar, electronic guitar, and drums. Most evenings you have local artists come to perform and its kickstarts a jam session. The location is convenient to explore the city as well, and you will find the staff gives you helpful tips on finding the best clubs and cafes in the town.

Location: 7327, Zámocká 7327/24, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 900/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

5. Hostel Folks

Hostel Folks

The sophisticated and clean modern interiors might not appeal to the traditional hosteler, but it certainly offers the perfect environment for someone who is working on the go or prefers a tidy and neat place to stay. The white walls and subdued colors offer a peaceful getaway. The Hostel Folks has one of the best locations of all Bratislava hostels. It is 700m from the Bratislava Castle and near the St. Michael’s Gate, beyond which all the trending cafes are lined up, and at nightfall, the entire street takes over a new look. Once you are done sightseeing and partying, you always know there is a comfy bed waiting for you, it’s worth every dollar!

Location: Obchodná 507/2, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 1,100/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

6. Hostel Brickyard

 Hostel Brickyard

The Hostel Brickyard is a stylish hostel that offers some of the cheapest dorm beds in the city. It is one of the few cheap hostels in Bratislava town in Slovakia, Europe that are new and offer full amenities, making sure you get the best bang for your buck. The hostel has a large kitchen and a supermarket 2-minutes away so you can cook your meals, but there is also a bar area where you can buy a drink and just let the steam out. The prettiest area of the hostel is the outdoor terrace which is sunlit during the day and is a cozy nook to read or use the Free Wifi to catch up on work.

Location: Šancová 4, 811 04 Staré Mesto, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 650/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

7. Dream Hostel Bratislava

hostel room in Dream hostel

The Dream Hostel is everything your dream hostel looks like! Great location, neat and clean interiors, modern washrooms, big space kitchen, free amenities, this Dream Hostel has everything! It is one of the newest Bratislava Hostels and caters to a young millennial hosteler who demands more than just a place to sleep. The hostel has a co-working space with high-speed internet and a refreshment area. To relax, there is a large common area with board games and atleast three times a week the staff organizes fun events. It is undoubtedly one of the party hostels in Bratislava, and on weekends there is a pub-crawl that kicks off from the hostel.

Location: Leškova 4932/9A, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 730/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

8. Zeitlos Boutique Hostel

Zeitlos Boutique Hostel

Zeitlos Boutique Hostel might offer the best views of all the Bratislava Hostels. From its terrace you can sight the River Danube and the spectacular Most SNP Bridge, that is a modern engineering marvel in the city. The hostel has its gourmet restaurant that serves delicious burgers that go well with their craft beer on tap. The dorm beds are designed elegantly to match the rest of the interiors. It is a good place for travelers who are discerning about where they stay but prefer to stay in a hostel budget. The old town is around the corner, and you can walk everywhere that matters in Bratislava!

Location: Beblavého 3, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 1,200/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

9. Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel

Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel

Not to mention the obvious but the owners of this hostel are big fans of Freddie Mercury, and if you are a fan too then you can find yourself listening to hits all day long! It is one of the best hostels in Bratislava and is often chosen by travelers for its convenient location. The hostel is located right next to the bus station and very close to the railway station. This makes it suitable for people to get to the next stop on their tour. And since Bratislava is a small city you can walk to the old town within ten minutes without even breaking a sweat!

Location: Jelenia 3135/4, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 750/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

10. Hostel Bratislava by Freddie

Hostel Bratislava by Freddie

This hostel is a new hostel by the owners of the Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel, and it is located in the old town of Bratislava. So those travelers who are looking for a hostel in the historical part of the city but would love to experience the comfortable accommodation of Freddie Next to Mercury can stay right here. The hostel has free Wifi, and shared kitchens in each floor of the building. There is also a lovely summer terrace where you can meet other guests and find the company to go on tours around the city. This hostel also has private rooms in case you are looking for more privacy at cheap costs.

Location: Holekova 3, 811 04 Staré Mesto, Slovakia
Starting Price: INR 800/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.0/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

Loved these recommendations of Bratislava Hostels? We love these hostels as well! Get a dorm bed in one of these hostels on your trip to Bratislava and enjoy a comfortable stay on your epic Slovakian holiday. So, plan a trip to Europe for an amazing holiday experience like never before!

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5 Places To Visit In Pailles On Your Vacation In Mauritius

If you think of Mauritius, what comes to your mind? Probably the white sand beaches, the azure waters, the deep ocean, the palm trees, and people wearing floral dresses.

Well, there’s more to this lovely island nation. If you’re someone who also enjoys exploring little towns and quaint villages, Mauritius is the place you must visit. Known for its blue lagoons and a long history of colonization, each village, and town in Mauritius offers something unique to the tourists. One such town is Pailles, which is also home to the much-loved amusements parks of Mauritius, Domaine Les Pailles.

If you want to lose yourself in the peace and serenity of the little Pailles, this is the time. We have listed some of the best places to visit in Pailles, you must explore on your trip to Mauritius.

1. Tamarind Waterfalls

The beautiful Tamarind Waterfalls in Mauritius

Tamarind Waterfalls are one of the best things to see in Mauritius. The waterfalls comprise of a series of seven cataracts located on the Tamarin River, and hence are often called the Seven Cascades. Located near a small village named Henrietta, the waterfall is known for its splendid greenery and the gorgeous valleys. If you’re someone who wants to explore new trails, want to take a talk through dense forests, or want to take a hike, Tamarind Waterfalls may be the best place for you.

Famous for: A variety of activities like hiking, canyoneering, cliff jumping, bird-watching, and swimming

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2. Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum In Mauritus

Yet another treat for the history lovers. If you want an alluring view of art and history of Mauritius and want to go into the depths of the country, this place is a must stop. Start with an overview of the three colonial period – Dutch, French and British, and move on to the history of the postal service of Mauritius. From its very first stamp to the rarest and world-renowned stamps, the museum houses many interesting things.

Next, we come to the best places to visit in Mauritius for shopping. It offers a mix of indigenous creations and global brand products. Handicrafts are easily available at the beaches while duty-free shops are located at slightly upmarket places. Art fanatics can head to the dedicated Craft market; a good place to pick souvenirs for your friends. Besides, other tourist attractions in Mauritius include:

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3. Moka

Bagatelle Shopping Mall in Moka Mauritius

Right in the heart of Mauritius, Moka is a smart city. This is the place for lifestyle shopping from your favorite brands such as Armani Jeans, Body & Soul, Celio, Colors & Senses, Esprit, and Hugo Boss, among others. If you want to explore the more modern and developed side of Mauritius, this is the place you must explore. Moka is only 12 km from Port Louis, which makes it easily accessible. You’ll be surprised to know that more than 40% of the workforce in Mauritius lives within 10 km of Moka.

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4. Bagatelle Mall, Moka

A lady walking with her shopping trolley inside Bagatelle Mall in Moka

With over 130 stores including brands like Aldo, Armani Jeans, and Celio under one roof, Bagatelle Mall has topped the charts for one of the finest places for luxury shopping in Mauritius. Shoppers from in and around Mauritius, plus tourists from around the globe, love indulging in a shopping spree at Bagatelle Mall – a fine shopping mall in Mauritius. If you want to do clothes shopping in Mauritius, this is the place to be.

Known for: Luxury shopping; Events and hypermarkets on weekend and public holidays
Bargaining skills required: Not really!


5. Martello Tower

Martello Tower


The five towers were built back in the 1800s by the British to protect their colony from the French, who apparently were trying to instigate the slaves. The tower located at La Preneuse is now serving as a museum where experts explain the incredible architecture of the towers. Apparently, these towers are all three meters thick, with copper cannons which could shoot at a range of about 2 kilometers.

The tower has different levels; the basement is where a tank was built to collect rainwater from the roof; the ground floor was used to store gun powder; the first floor of the tower has a room for the Chief Office and other rooms could accommodate the shoulders. There were two canons installed on the roof, one was facing the sea and the other one facing inland.


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Whether you love sunny beaches or you’re someone who finds peace in little villages and towns, Pailles in Mauritius welcomes all with open arms. Go, have delicious cuisines in Pailles, go crazy in its lovely amusement park, soak in the shimmery sun on the soft and sandy beaches, or immerse yourself in the blue waters.

Still confused about picking your next holiday destination? Well, let our holiday experts plan your Mauritius trip this time. You can have all the fun while our experts plan your memorable vacation.

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Montenegro Travel Tips: For A Smooth Tour Of This Charming European Land

Montenegro is a tiny European country on the Adriatic coast that offers very interesting tourist location. Set in the Balkans the country has very beautiful tourist spots that include majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches, and larger than life locals. We hope that the following Montenegro travels tips that you need to remember when you are travelling through this beautiful country. The economy of Montenegro is heavily dependent on tourism. The roads, train stations, sea ports, and air transport serve to improve tourism of the country. Tourists from all over the world pour into the country to view its natural beauty.

Be sure to expect a lot of hospitality from the local people here and while you’re still planning to head to this glorious country, make sure you know some of the best things about it before visiting!

1. Hotel


The prime tip here would be how you plan to travel. The best way would be to set base at any hotel which has a prime location and then travel side wise as this is a small country this will save your travel expenses and also travelling time. You can pack a few things, for your next destination and leave the rest at the main hotel.

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2. Cetinje


When you visit here, be sure to visit Cetinje. It used to be the former capital when Montenegro had a royal family. Visit King Nikola’s palace and make sure that you are visiting the embassies to check out the architectural styles. You could also visit Virpazar, Podgorica, Kolašin, Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje, while traveling to Cetinje.

3. Car


This is the cheapest way totravel in Montenegro. The roads are in very good condition so travelling in a car should not be a problem. The country has diverse wildlife anf is covered with large forest areas. If you want to see the Montenegro country wildlife then it is best that you go around in a rented car. You can use the taxis too but they are comparatively expensive.

4. Train


The option of taking the train is a lot more convenient and cheaper than the bus of course. The only problem is that there are not many train services running about in the country. The most famous one is the one running from Bar to the country of Serbia. Travelling by train also allows you to see the hidden gems in Montenegro. The trains will make locals stops on the way. One however needs to be alert at the station and get down at the correct destination. Getting the ticket for the train is hassle free as well. You can board the train and then get yourself a ticket after that.

5. Hydration

nice view

The tap water here is safe to drink so you do not have to go about everywhere with bottled water. There are fresh water springs in the mountains and around Lake Skadar in Montenegro, Europe. Make sure that you remain hydrated at all times. It is not possible to identify if the winds that are blowing are getting hotter or not. Getting dehydrated is a common problem among tourists.

6. Travel Insurance

people enjoying

Montenegro is not a part of the EU, so your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card will be of no use here. Make sure that you get travel insurance that covers your activities here. In case of emergencies, visit the government aided hospitals closeby to make use of the best of facilities provided there.

7. Kayaking And Snorkelling


Another important Montenegro travel tip would be to try out new things. There are many unique things to do in Montenegro. The first thing would be to kayak instead of going on a motor boat to visit the blue caves in Kotor. The kayak will give you all the time you need to take your favourite photographs. You can take a half day kayak tour and in the process go swimming and snorkelling in the cave before going to another blue cave where no boat can manoeuvre into. This way you get an experience that most other tourists fail to get.

8. Rakija


You must not leave the country without tasting Rakija. The locals love sharing this drink with tourists, so make sure that you get yourself the taste of this. This is basically a homemade fruit brandy but it will taste nothing like the brandy that you generally drink. This drink is a part of every occasion here and is a symbol of merriment. We recommend tasting it in a small quantity to avoid any getting high on it.

9. Fort Gorazda

Fort Gorazda

Watch the sunset from the top of an abandoned fort. The fort Gorazda is a good place where you can try this out. This fort is located on a hill above the cities of Kotor and Tivat. This fort has a lot of historical importance. It was used throughout the First World War and then more recently in the Yugoslav wars. Now it is just abandoned.

10. Seafood


When you are near the coast try all the seafood you can get your hands on but when you are travelling the majestic Balkans then you must try their lamb dishes. Even if you are planning to buy presents then it is better to buy food rather than buying crafts. All of the crafts are from China but the food is all locally made – especially the fruit brandy, the cheese and the Njeguski prsut prosciutto. Make sure you are buying these from the local market.

These are some of the important Montenegro travel tips that you need to keep in mind while travelling the country. This is a beautiful country in the lap of the mountains that makes it naturally very beautiful. Every destination here is worth a visit. So, pack your bags and plan your trip to Europe for an extravagant holiday experience with your loved ones!

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5 Best Beaches Near Parkview Square For An Amazing Singapore Beach Vacay

A part of the Downtown Core Planning Area, Parkview Square is a popular building in Singapore. it stretches along North Bridge Road and is located close to the important commercial hub at Marina Centre. The nearest rail station from Parkview Square is the Bugis MRT Station. It is also close to the Bugis Junction, and The Gateway. The Rochor Road and Ophir Road corridor are also nearby. There are many beaches near Parkview Square for you to spend some time relaxing in the sun and to enjoy some fun activities.

Park View Sqr

Parkview Square is one of the high-end office buildings in Singapore. The building consists various important offices spread at different floors including the Honorary Consulate of Oman located on its 4th floor, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates is located on the 9th floor and the embassies of Austria and Mongolia on the 24th floor of the building. Parkview Museum completely occupies the 3rd floor of the building and various international contemporary art exhibitions are hosted here every year. US firm James Adams Design and DP Architects of Singapore had together designed Parkview Square. This was also the last project handled by late C. S. Hwang, a renowned a Taiwanese tycoon and the founder and chairman of Chyau Fwu Group.

A highlight of this building is that the office spaces constructed on every floor are column-less which allows the tenants of each office to modify the interior space depending upon their requirement. Parkview Square’s architecture is a combination of new and old styles and techniques. Constructed in 2002, this modern building features classic Art Deco style. It takes inspiration from inspired by Chanin Building in New York City which was constructed in 1929. The exteriors of Parkview Square building is done in brown granite, bronze, lacquer, and glass. The beautiful lobby is also dedicated to the Art Deco style and has a gorgeous 15m-high ceiling decorated with hand-crafted details. Another attractive highlight of this building is the bar in its lobby which features a unique 3-story gin tower that holds more than a thousand gins. Earlier, this tower also used to have a wine chiller from which a female bartender dressed as a fairy would fetch a bottle and hand it over to you (on request), with the help of a flying harness.

The Parkview Square has an open plaza which will remind you of Piazza San Marco in Venice. There are striking sculptures and statues installed around the open plaza. You would also find many attractive bronze effigies of the most famous figures from world history. This includes effigies of Sun Yat-sen, Shakespeare, Salvador Dalí, Mozart, Chopin, Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Dante, and Albert Einstein, and Plato. The building features generous use of motifs, sculptures, and ornamentation. The 8 huge fiberglass statues of men holding a light ball in their hands, with 4 on each broad side of the crown of the building is an eye-catching element. There is more the exterior of this fabulous building, with supposedly hand-crafted Gargoyles, decorating the outer area. Parkview Square is locally known as the Gotham building because its Art Deco architectural style resembles the popular fictional Gotham City from the Batman series.

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Here are some of the best beaches near Parkview Square that must surely visit:

1. Siloso Beach


For all the beach lovers, the most bewitching beaches are close to this town. Visit to simply chill and relax with your friends and family. Dive into the pure and serene atmosphere of this place and take in all the positive vibes. Beaches like Siloso beach and Lido beach are popular among the tourists. Being a coastal area, the weather here is always pleasant, and it is at night when this place comes really alive! Spend your night here witnessing the mesmerizing view of the night sky by stargazing and take some wonderful memories with you on your way back home!

2. Changi Beach


This is a tantalizing Beach which is located right in the northern zone of Changi which is located in the easternmost part of Singapore. The beach is a 3.3 km long sandy stretch and is just the most amazing place for a family vacation. Bring your picnics and fishing gear because here everything is possible. Here you will also get the opportunity to land an aircraft or engage in a variety of water sports. Bring your camping gear to spend the night beneath the stars after you enjoy in a barbeque party.

Location: Nicoll Dr, Singapore, 498991.

3. Tanjong Beach


Located at the Sentosa Island, it is famous for its backpacking population and also the nature admirers who come here for some greenery. Bring a beach towel, sit on the golden sands and enjoy the weather as you sunbathe. This is a great place to visit for those who want some peace and tranquility. Make sure you stay till dusk to see the waters and sky change its colors with the time of nature. The sands are clean and here there is an atmosphere of bliss. No need to worry if you get hungry while here. There are a lot of themed bistros, restaurants and bars which will help you quench your thirst and hunger. The beach bars don’t open till 11 am, so take a note of that.

Location: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore, 098942
Hours: Open Daily

4. Pasir Ris Beach


Among the largest beaches in Singapore, Pasir Ris Beach is a wonderland for kids and adults alike. The 6.6 km long beach is lined up with lush mangrove forests where you can have your share of adventure. Enjoy having a picnic by the beach under the sun and surrounded by the cool ocean breeze. The views of the ocean from this beach are also breathtaking.

Famous for:Picnics and natur walks, park
Facilities available: There is a cycling track, park, and a playground area which also features play-station

5. Noodin Beach


Sunbathing on the clean quail and picturesque beaches of Singapore can be a dream come true in the month of February. Offering a sun which is beach ready and a climate which supports all your water thrills, the Noodin Beach is a must visit destination if you are in Singapore in February.

Are you excited to visit all these above-listed beaches near Parkview Square? Plan a trip to Singapore right away and enjoy the best time with your family, friends or partner.

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12 Roman Buildings That Are Classy, Elegant, And Graceful

Rome was hailed as the “eternal city” by the prehistoric Romans due to the belief that no matter what took place in the remainder of the world, the city of Rome would never cease and shall remain standing. It is suggested that a person should travel the city on foot as it spirals you back in time to the “glory that was Rome”.

With its unparalleled history, Rome is the third most visited town in Europe and also the fourteenth worldwide. It attracts guests from everywhere who want to immerse themselves in the Roman buildings, the impressive monuments, and architectural landmarks. Further, the exquisite cuisine and culinary delights offer the icing on the cake. When exploring the Colosseum, guests can simply imagine how the gladiators fought for their lives in the arena, while being cheered by the masses. If you find yourself in the Circus Maximus, you can image the chariots flaming into one another to finish first in the race, and within the Roman Forum, you can visualize what the life of the locals was like.

Roman architecture has had a massive impact on art and culture standards throughout the world. Their architectural achievements are still hailed as masterpieces and attract many tourists from all over the world. Without further delay, let’s look at some of the architectural marvels that this historically rich city has given to the world to behold.

1. Colosseum


A tour of Rome is basically incomplete without visiting the most sought-after structure of Colosseum. It was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre because it was designed by the dynasty through 70-80AD. It’s the largest amphitheater ever created. The Colosseum can hold around 65,000 and was used for gladiator contests, public spectacles like re-enactments of notable battles, theatrical productions, animal hunts, and executions. Imagine watching two warriors battling for their lives at the place!

2. Teatro Marcello


This structure was used as an inspiration to model the Colosseum. However, Teatro Marcello is semi-circular in shape whereas the Colosseum is a circular amphitheater. The original assent for its construction was given by Julius Caesar but he died before the construction began. The construction ended during the reign of Augustus in 11BC. The Theatre of Marcello was named after the nephew of the King, Marcus Claudius Marcellus. The structure is situated near the Tiber and has the capacity to hold 20,000 spectators and was a revolutionary structure at its time.

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3. Ara Pacis Museum


The contemporary Ara Pacis Museum is an intriguing sight since it combines the new and the old in a really inventive manner. The museum was planned by American designer Richard Meier in 2006 to contain the antiquated Ara Pacis, or Altar of Peace, that goes back to 13 BC. The intricately designed Altar of Peace is canvassed in sculpted painted decoration delineating figures, fights, and parades. It is also accompanied by steel and glass exterior which holds the altar inside it. Since the end of the Fascist era, the museum is the first architectural landmark to be built in the historically important city center of Rome.

4. Corte Suprema di Cassazione

Corte Suprema di Cassazione

This is the Palace of Justice and houses the Supreme Court of Cassation. It is the highest place of appeals in the country. It is a gigantic structure that overwhelms the banks of the Tiber river in the Prati area. It is usually alluded to as “Il Palazzaccio”, a derogatory name which generally means “Awful Palace”. Its huge size, flashy improvements and extensive development period appeared to point to debasement when it was opened in 1911. The structure was inspired by Renaissance and Baroque engineering and it still stands out amongst the most noteworthy structures in the city.

5. Il Vittoriano

Il Vittoriano

The Romans also detest another building known as Il Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia. It was created between 1885-1925 to honor the first king of united Italy, Victor Emmanuel. It has been nicknamed as the “The Wedding Cake” due to its white marble finish and level design. Packed with stairs, segments, wellsprings, and models, it was questionable in light of the fact that it demolished the zone of the Capitoline Hill and commands the horizon. Notwithstanding any controversies, it still occupies a position at the heart of the city of Rome.

6. St. Peter’ Basilica

St. Peter' Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica enjoys travelers from all over the world. It is one of the holiest Catholic places of worship on the planet. Worked over the entombment site of Peter the Apostle, it is an essential tourist site and wonders to see in person. The Basilica was planned by various craftsmen, including Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and Donato Bramante, and finished in 1626. Michelangelo’s popular arch was enlivened by the Pantheon and the Duomo of Florence.

7. The Pantheon

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of Rome’s best landmarks and a demonstration of design aptitude and construction. A ruler named Hadrian manufactured the Roman temple in 126 AD on the site of a prior temple. The earlier temple was built amid the rule of Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD). It stayed in constant use through history and started to be utilized as a church in the seventh century. With its extensive round domed roof, the sanctuary was in all probability proposed to symbolize the heavenly circle. The word Pantheon in Greek signifies “every one of the divine beings”.

8. Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo

It is known as the Hadrian’s Mausoleum, the structure is a cylindrical fortress and finds itself on the banks of the Tiber river. The emperor Hadrian regarded the tomb as a resting place for himself and his family, the structure was later utilized as a fortification and palace by the popes, because of its closeness to Vatican City. At the peak of its development between 123 – 139 AD, it was the tallest building in all of Rome.

9. Maxxi


The place was designed by Zaha Hadid and is one of the best places for 21st-century art in all of the world. Situated in Rome’s northern Flaminio neighborhood, its sharp points and dynamic bends offer a difference to Rome’s plenty of antiquated structures. It was considered as a test space to feature cutting-edge craftsmanship and inventive engineering through a changeless accumulation, pivoting shows, and a stimulating timetable of occasions.

10. Palazzo della Civiltà

Palazzo della Civiltà

With the sobriquet of “Square Colosseum” been bestowed upon it, Rome’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana is a great case of the pragmatist engineering that ruled the city amid Fascism. Worked in the neoclassical style, it is situated in the city’s southern neighborhood, which intended to have the 1942 World Fair. The occasion never occurred yet the structures pay tribute to this period in the city’s history. Today the Fendi mold house is renting the building.

11. Pyramid of Cestius

Pyramid of Cestius

Most people do not realize that among the numerous magnificent structures, Rome has its own special old pyramid. It is situated between the Testaccio and Ostiense neighborhoods. The Pyramid was built between 18-12 BC and was intended to serve as a tomb for Gaius Cestius who was a magistrate serving in ancient Rome. Due to its sharp apogee, it intently looks like the Nubian pyramids by the side of the Nile delta in Egypt and incorporates an inside entombment chamber which initially had frescoes. The pyramid was consolidated in the Aurelian Walls, which has helped to save the building to present times.

12. Villa Medici

Villa Medici

The Roman home of the notorious Medici family is a standout amongst the most striking of the capital’s numerous palatial manors on the edge of the Borghese Gardens. It was obtained by Cardinal Ferdinando de’ Medici in 1576, who utilized it to house his broad accumulations of old Roman statues and fortunes, a large portion of which are currently housed in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery. After the destruction of the Medici family, the estate came under the control of Napoleon Bonaparte who offered it to the French Academy in Rome in 1803.

Many people regard Rome as a living museum. When one looks at the innumerable architectural landmarks which serve as a time-traveling item, one truly acknowledges the veracity of the statement.

It is said that the city was founded in the year 753 BC and is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is evident that there are not only ancient buildings which offer a testament to its beauty, but several structures which were built in the modern era also occupy an important position in delineating the history and magnificence of the place. It is thus apt to use the aphorism that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Book your trip to Rome and explore these amazing Roman buildings!

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3 Ideal Restaurants Near Ghim Moh, Singapore For A Delicious Lunch

Singapore is an amazing holiday destination especially for all the explorers out there. While it has gained much popularity as a shopping hub, it’s not far behind in the food scene as well, thanks to places like Ghim Moh. Located in Queenstown, this neighborhood is brimming with a plethora of places to eat and hang out. In fact, all the restaurants near Ghim Moh have become a hangout spot amongst the locals, given the impeccable ambiance and food they offer.

On one hand, the area has its own Food and Hawker Market, and on another, it has restaurants serving world-class cuisines from dusk to dawn. It’s absolutely impossible for anyone to be around Ghim Moh or pass through it without stopping by at one of its charming eateries. All the places have got a vibrant vibe around them that attracts foodies in uncountable numbers on a daily basis. So, whether you are one or not, you’d be bound to visit one of these places if you are around them and believe us, you won’t regret a bit.

Here’s a list of the best places to eat in and around Ghim Moh in Singapore’s Queenstown area. Take a look to see which places are the most popular amongst locals and why you ought to dine or hang out there at least once on your trip.

1. Zaffron Kitchen


Are you looking for authentic North Indian cuisines where recipes are prepared by using the local herbs- The delicious Indian dishes served here are brought to life by the plethora of spices which not only ensure great taste but also bring ample flavor. Being the best one among Jurong East Halal restaurants and being a food paradise with countless food options, Jurong East restaurant always leave the tourists in awe of the flavors of the food. The tourists and locals visit this place to taste the multifarious variety of dishes while they sit in calm and scenic settings.

Must Try: Pav Bhaji, Lamb Chop, Chicken Tikka, Murg Pudina Tikka, Tandoori Malai Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Mushroom
Location: 3 Gateway Drive Westgate, 01-20 Westgate Mall, Singapore 608532, Singapore
Cuisine: Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan & Halal Options
Cost for Two: INR 1565/-
Zomato Rating: 4/5

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Singapore Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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2. Miam Miam


Miam Miam Restaurant is a popular French Cafe with a Japanese Twist in Singapore. This restaurant offers a commingling of French and Japanese cuisines. Using only the freshest and locally sourced ingredients, Miam Miam takes pride in introducing the best of both French and Japanese cuisines for its esteemed guests. Its affordability makes it possible for anybody and everybody to visit here again and again to enjoy the delicious dishes.

Must Try: Mac & Cheese, Carbonara Spaghetti, Seared Sea Bass Fillet Miam Donburi, Creme Brulee, Matcha Pancake and Hojicha Pancake
Location: 3 Gateway Drive, 01-21/22, Westgate, Singapore 608532, Singapore
Cuisine: Japanese, French
Cost for Two: INR 1200/-
Zomato Rating: 4/5

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3. Hajjah Mariam


Are you willing to taste amazing Nasi Ambenga fragrant rice dish uniquely prepared by hand- This dish is a wonderful amalgamation of meat, vegetables, fried coconut flesh and Sambal Goreng et al. Its mouth-watering taste is a symbol of peace and togetherness. It is one of the most flavorful dihes which you taste and literally burst into delight with each bite. Make sure you visit this place to eat this beautiful and yummy dish.

Must Try: Nasi Ambeng
Location: 3 Gateway Drive Westgate, B2-08 Westgate Shopping Mall, Singapore
Cuisine: Asian, Malaysian, Halal
Cost for Two: INR 1205/-
Zomato Rating: 4/5

All of these restaurants near Ghim Moh, Queenstown offer a great glimpse of the food diversity and cultural richness that adorns the country of Singapore. From Indian to Malay, you can find literally the best of every cuisine here and make your Singapore trip with TravelTriangle absolutely delightful. You’d be amused to see how just with an inclusion of certain flavors in your palate, your trip experience can turn 360 degrees for good. So, are you excited to treat your taste buds? What’s stopping you then? Get packing and going!

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Lithuania Wildlife: Feel The Rush Of Adventure On Your Next Vacation!

Situated in the south part of the Baltic region, Lituania is the most famous wildlife destination for adventure and nature lovers. Lithuania wildlife is mostly concentrated around various species of amazing birds, but there are other varieties too.

There are many wetlands where birds are found and species like, white stork, common crane, great bittern, Eagle, Tit and so many types of woodpeckers are seen here. You will find that here elk is a famous mammal and have different species here. If you love to catch the birds in your camera then this is the best place to visit. There are plenty of nature parks, forests available, which will mesmerize you always.

Check out the perfect list of most famous places where you can witness the wildside of Lithuania on your trip. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Bison Paddock Of Pasiliai


This is the most popular place to visit in this country. The largest amounts of wild animals in Lithuania are found here. Although for the growing need of population, hunting has lowered the animal count in this place, still some of the lives have been restored here. You will find Bison here in a large amount and they are not caged in the zoo, but they can roam around in this place freely. Recently here are 50 bison in the entire country and some of them are from this place. For 35 years 140 calves have been born here and more than half part of them was born free. This farm was turned into a regional park in 2005 so that tourists from other countries can visit these exotic animals. The place also has benches and outdoor fireplaces, so that anyone can enjoy the beauty of nature in the warmth of the hearth and rest their feet too.

Location: Petriškių k., Krekenavos pšt., 38305 Panevėžio r.
Timing: 9 Am – 6 Pm
Price: Adult: LT: 4, kids: LTL 2

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2. Kursiu Nerija National Park


One of the famous national parks and the staple of Lithuania history and culture is present here. This place is 18 thousand hectares and the peninsula separates this place from the Baltic Sea. The sand stretches here for 98 kilometers, and the wind creates some sand dunes. Till 15th century this place was covered in impenetrable forest, but later for the need of growing population the trees were cut down and villages were built. After that 14 villages from this place got covered by the increasing sand and then after so many years, the reforestation started in this very place.Here you will find 37 types of rare plants, and some ethnographic architectural monuments, at the old part of this place as well. This park stands out as one of the most popular ones in this country, and visitors can avail guidebooks to enjoy this place.

Location: Naglių g. 8, Nida 93123, Lithuania
Timing: 9 Am – 6 Pm
Entry fee: 10 LTL

3. Aleksotas Hill

city view

Get the best view of the Kaunas city and visit this place at night time and you will forget the crowded city life. This hill is just 10 minutes walk from the city and the climb is very easy and you will get parking space in here. Enjoy the nice view in the evening time and don’t forget to bring a flask of hot drink, thus, the small hike will be worth it. Take lots of pictures and spend some romantic moments at the hilltop with your partner.

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Timing: 24 hours
Entry fee: Free

4. Zemaitija National Park

Zemaitija National Park

This is wildlife in Lithuania and this place has the beautiful lake Plateliai and the serene beauty of the park is filled with cultural, natural and historical values. The park was established in 1991 and the goal of this place is to preserve the cultural heritage. Here you will find various types of insects, plants and small creatures. You can easily bring a packed lunch here and enjoy the afternoon with your family in this place. Here you will find the bike lanes where you can have a ride through the mesmerizing nature.

Location: Didžioji g. 10, Plateliai 90420, Lithuania
Timing: 8 Am – 5 Pm
Entry fee: 8.8 LTL

5. Dzukija National Park

Dzukija Nationa Park

This is another place where you can experience the Nature & Wildlife Areas in Lithuania, and this place was established in 1991, and in the region of Varena. The main goal was to protect the old villages, landscapes and the cultural and historical monuments along with the dense forest. The greenery mostly includes one tree, and various types of mushrooms and most of them are exported to foreign countries. You will find a large number of wild strawberries, raspberries, red bilberries and cranberries in the forest. The wildlife in the park mostly consists of eagles of rare species, foxes, hares, wolves, elks, wild boars.

Location: Vilniaus g. 3, Merkinė 65334, Lithuania
Timing: 8 Am – 5 Pm
Entry fee: 51 LTL

6. Aukstaitija National Park


The entire park is filled with lush greenery and eye-searing blue lakes which will be enough to take your breath away. Here you will find some 150 to 200-year-old pine trees and your guide will tell you all the specialty of this place. The park is the living area for elks, wild boars, and deer and the best highlight of this place is its 126 lakes and small islands.

Location: Ignalinos sen, Lithuania
Timing: 8 am to 3 pm
Entry fee: For 8 hours tour, 264 LTL, for two days, 810 LTL

7. Vente Cape

Vente Cape

This place was opened in 1929 and this is the major bird watching sites for tourists. Every year many travelers gather here to watch the migratory birds and their chirps fill the entire place. This place is the biggest one for especially birds and has a museum too.

Location: Kintu district, Silute, Lithuania
Timing: 7 am to 5 pm
Entry fee: free

8. Neris Regional Park

Neris Regional Park

The park is filled the Lithuanian history and the beauty of nature as the park is located in the valley of the Neris River, Europe. The old villages, the greenery all will make you feel at peace and you will certainly want to spend some hours in this place.

Location: 3 Vilniaus Street, Vilnius 14019, Lithuania
Timing: 24 hours
Entry fee: 3.4 LTL

9. Tulkiarage Nature Path

Tulkiarage Nature Path

The formation of this place was 400 years ago, and the huge meadows are the home for various animals and plants. The aquatic life is here is very rich and it’s another bird paradise for tourists. You can spend 1 to 2 hours in here to evidence nature at its best and the animals too.

Location: Silute, Lithuania
Timing: 24 hours
Entry fee: free

10. Baltic Mythology Park


Image Courtesy

In this park, you will find 80 sculptures that are carved from oak and the place is surrounded by the witches’ hill and it’s a very beautiful place to spend some time. You must know that this is the last Pagan site in entire Europe and the perfect greenery trail displays the tribes of the Baltic region.

Location: Sausdravai Village, Kretinga, Lithuania
Timing: 8 Am – 5 Pm
Entry fee: 34.5 LTL

Thus, here we have listed the 10 most popular wildlife places of Lithuania, and you will feel the rush of adventure in these selected places that you will not find in the crowded cities. If you are a lover of nature and its treasures then Lithuanian wildlife will take your breath away along with the mesmerizing valleys by the riverside, will always be the best tour ever. Take note of the different and rare types of plants and don’t forget to take photos on your enticing international trip with TravelTriangle.

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5 Chic Cafes Near Singapore Discovery Centre To Visit On Your Trip

All the history buffs might be aware of the Singapore Discovery Centre, which is a local museum in Singapore, a much-visited and liked country throughout the world. Singapore is a top tourist destination owing to the various experiences it offers. It is a land of diverse landscape, cultures, and cuisines. There is something or the other in store here for almost all age groups. Singapore has beaches, national parks, amusement parks, museums, restaurants, and cafes. Singapore Discovery Centre is one interesting museum here to know of the local history and to get a better insight into the affairs of the country. And while you are here in Jurong, you can also check out some classy cafes near Singapore Discovery Centre.

Jurong West is an urban planning area of Singapore. It is a beautiful area which is well maintained, has a good transport system, and quite a few attractions for tourists to explore. Singapore Discovery Centre is located here in Jurong. It is an amazing place to know about the local history and more about Singapore. All the history buffs should definitely have it on their list of places to visit. The museum displays works which give one an insight into the past of the place.

This museum is one of the places that Jurong houses. There are many more which are of interest to tourists. And more than these attractions are the various restaurants and cafes. Singapore has a great culinary scene. It isn’t one cuisine, but an amalgamation of various cuisines brought together. Like a melting pot of cultures, it is a melting pot of cuisines too. Know where the best cafes near Singapore Discovery Centre are. Read on.

singapore mountbatten places nearby cover

Singapore experiences a warm climate throughout the year as it close to the equator. Any time during the year is a good time to visit the place. It sees the maximum number of tourists during the months of December and January. It is a rush time here, and the entire place is full of people from all around the globe. If you like meeting new people and enjoy in a crowd, then this is the perfect time to visit. The prices are higher during this time due to the peak season. If one wants to plan a budgeted trip or does not like crowds too much, then February to May is a good time too for sightseeing and more.

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Here are some of the best cafes near the Singapore Discovery Centre. The culinary scene here is awesome, but experience it for yourself at one of the cafes here. Have a look.

1. The Coffee Bean



This café is a famous coffee chain and hence the name. They serve a variety of beverages. They mainly specialize in ice blended options from their menu and do try them out. Their signature food items include coffee, tea, pastries, and cakes. The ambiance of this place is quite lively and positive. The whole café is always sunk in the delightful aroma of coffee and chocolates. It is the ultimate paradise for all the chocolate lovers. Also, the quirky interior of this place is eye-catching and adds more zeal to the ambiance.

Location: 83 Punggol Central, 01-27 Waterway Point, Singapore 828761
Must try: cheesecake, iced coffee
Google rating: 3.8/5

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2. Enchanted Cafe



This place is tucked in Little India, Novena and it is somehow a delight to always eat here. You have the amazing brunch menu here and you should not miss it if you are a fan of good food. Also, this place is a small one but the décor is simply amazing. The vibe too is positive and you will definitely not have any issue with a seat. The food is well presented here and also they taste really good. But here is some more additional information which might be of some help when you are looking for suggestions:

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-04, Singapore 218374
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 12 PM -11.00 PM

Read More: Best Cafes In Novena

3. The Clueless Goat Cafe



This place is a family friendly café and they serve great salmon egg benedict. The service is really friendly but this place can be a little crowded sometimes because of the place. The coffee is amazing, the décor is lively and you can nicely enjoy your time here.

Rating: 4.3/5
Location: 189 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307631
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 8AM- 7 PM

4. To-gather Cafe



The name of the café truly justifies the ambiance of this place. This café was opened with a vision of encouraging togetherness and hence the name! The whole aura of this place is so positive that feels like a home away from home. It’s a food joint owned by a family who started this café because of their love for food. This place is a hidden gem as you can feel the love in the food that is served here. It is a nice and calm place to come and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Location: 84 Bedok North Street 4, # 01-27, Singapore 460084
Must try: kopi o siew-tai, salmon sticks
Google rating: 4/5

Read More: Best Cafes In Bedok

5. Black And Ink



It is a place famous for its chill vibes and cool coffee nomenclature. For all the coffee lovers out there, if you want to have a strong cup of coffee, go for Drop Dead or Heart Stopper and we promise that you won’t regret because this is exactly what they are famous for! Other than that you can try their other food delicacies which are equally delightful and savory in taste and worth the price.

Location: 29 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455718
Must try: truffle fries, coffee
Google rating: 4.4/5
Facebook Page

These cafes near Singapore Discovery Centre are both quirky and classy. Other than tasty coffee, they serve delicious and exotic food items too. Find yourself some time to stop at these amazing cafes and grab a quick bite or spend some time and talk to the locals. Book a trip to Singapore with TravelTriangle and have a great time here! Do write to us about your experience in the comments below.

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9 Best Cottages In Rome Where One Can Stay And Experience A Blissful Vacation!

Rome is an eternal city which has a long history with churches, monuments and restored ruins that offers a glimpse into the past. If you are a passionate history lover then Rome can be the ideal holiday destination for you. The magnificent beauty of the city is surely going to blow your mind. Here in Rome, you can come across several 5-star hotels and cottages. But if, you truly want to dive in the beauty of Rome and enjoy a perfect stay then opting a cottage will be the best option.

Rome is known to have numerous cottages both new and old where you can enjoy your stay. For a perfect Rome experience, it is suggested that you book yourself a cottage. If you are not sure of the cottages that you should go for then you can refer to the list slated out below. We have listed the top 9 cottages near Rome.

1. Roma Apartment

Roma Apartment

This beautiful apartment is located right in the heart of the city which is the best location out here. The apartment is in close proximity to the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, and Colosseum. If you wish to explore the delights of the city then this should be the perfect place to stay for you. This second-floor apartment provides you with all the needed amenities that are required for you to enjoy your stay. Starting from air-conditioned rooms to a fantastic location you can have it all by opting for this place to stay. This is indeed one of the best cottages in Rome.

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2. Pomponio


If you are looking for a luxury stay near the Vatican then this could be the ideal option for you. This air-conditioned apartment is located in the old part of the Rome and is nearby to the Vatican. The apartment can be easily accessed by car and the nearby metro station. One of the biggest advantages of choosing this apartment is that it is close to many tourists attraction. Also, you can enjoy your stay with all the required amenities. No wonder this place is considered to be one of the best cottages in Rome.

3. II City Appartamento

II City Appartamento

If you want to enjoy your time in Rome while witnessing the magnificent architecture, baroque fountains and captivating streets then this is the place that you should book for yourself. This lovely air conditioned apartment can provide you with a perfect stay in the city. By booking this apartment you can enhance your stay in Rome completely. The apartment also provides you with all the amenities that you need. The apartment is located in the historic center of the city and thus, you can enjoy exploring these places while staying there.

4. L’Appartamentino


This beautiful apartment is located in the Trastevere district of Rome and is also close to the St. Peter’s Square. It can be said that the apartment is located in one of the most traditional parts of the city from where you can explore some of the important places of the city. The apartment can provide you with a luxury stay so that you can have a better experience in the city. The best thing about the apartment is that it is very beautiful and also provides you with all the required amenities that you need. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your stay.

5. Caracalla’s House

Caracalla's House

This is one of the best places where you can choose to stay while in Rome. The apartment is known to provide its guests with the luxury treatment that they deserve. The apartment is close to the city’s Aurelian Walls. This contemporary apartment also shares a small garden. Overall, you can have a peaceful stay in this apartment while enjoying all the amenities that are provided by them. this charming apartment is basically situated in the heart of the city which h makes it an ideal place for your stay.

6. Falconieri


Next, on the list, we have the Falconieri apartment which is one of the most elegant places that you can choose to stay. By staying here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. This is an ideal place for getting together with your friends and enjoy a break time. Even this apartment is located in the heart of the city which obviously makes it more special to its guests. You can also reach the important places of the city from this apartment easily. One thing that is worth mentioning about the apartment is that their service is great and that is what makes it one of the best cottages in Rome.

7. Cima Degli Alberi

Cima Degli Alberi

If you want to spend a luxurious holiday in Rome then this is the place to stay. This is one of the best apartments that you can book yourself. By spending your days in Rome where you can transform your whole experience about Rome. The best thing about the apartment is that it comes with an attached swimming pool where you can relax after a long day’s travel and exploration. This is the best place to stay if you are looking forward to spending a relaxing holiday in Rome. The apartment is also equipped with all the amenities that are required to improve your stay.

8. Appartamento Della Città

Appartamento Della Città

This is yet another beautiful and comfortable apartment where you can book your stay. If you want to spend your days in Rome in a relaxed mood then this is the place to stay. The apartment is very spacious so you won’t have any issues even you visiting with your entire family. The apartment is equipped with an air condition and furniture to make you feel like home. The service of the place is also great. Overall, you can have a great time while staying here.

9. The Testa’s Cottage Of Rom e Villa

The Testa's Cottage Of Rom e Villa

This is an exclusive cottage to spend your days in Rome. It has a big swimming pool and all the other amenities which is required to make your stay in Rome happening. The ambiance and the environment are great and thus, you can have a lovely time while staying here. Even the service of the place is great. In short, it can be said that this is one of the best holiday cottages in Rome.

So these are the top 10 cottages where you can enjoy your stay in the city of Rome. All of these cottages have something beautiful about it which grabs the attention of the visitors. What are you waiting for now? If you’re planning a vacation in Rome , then these fine cottages will be your perfect staycations.

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4 Trendy Bars Near Marina Barrage In Singapore That Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

If you’re a fan of world dance music, there’s no better place for you to be than at bars near Marina Barrage in Singapore. The bars, pubs and clubs in this region are not only the best places to explore a large selection of whisky and other adult adult beverages, but they’re also a cool place to get alcohol at cheap rates. We all know that alcohol is sold at a high price in most parts of Singapore. It would be a delight to get it a low price, right? Well, lucky for you, bars around Marina Barrage sell wine at dirt cheap prices. You won’t burn a hole in your pocket in these places. Marina Barrage is easily accessible via waterways, so you will not find it hard to reach there. You will love the low-key vibe of these places. These are considered as some of the most happening places in Singapore. Great ambience, food and cocktails make these places utterly delightful. You can party with your gang or make a beeline for these places solo. Stags are permitted entry inside these places to party. However if you’re a solo female traveler, you’re more likely to get entry into a bar or a club.

These bars around Marina Barrage are a favourite hangout place among corporates and students. You will find many college goers hanging out in these popular haunts. You will have the best time at these places to party near Marina Barrage and will not be disappointed by anything that this place offers you. Are you ready to have the best time of your life? Then pack your bags and head for these spots. You will be surprised by how close by these places are to each other. Want to go club hopping? There is no better place than Marina Barrage!

We have shortlisted 4 bars near Marina Barrage that have the most spectacular locations. Most of them overlook beautiful panoramic vistas of the city. The bartenders are friendly and will ensure you’re well cared for. It’s hard to beat the bars around Marina Barrage when it comes to popularity. The pubs listed below are one of the most renowned places to visit in Singapore. Nothing should stop you from visiting them. Since these bars rule the roost, we suggest you to start your bar hopping journey early to avoid the teeming queues at night. Are you ready for a night full of debauched revelry? Let’s go:

1. Smoke And Mirrors



This is a rooftop bar located in the National Gallery in Singapore. From here, one can enjoy the panoramic views of the entire city including the Marina Bay while sipping on their favorite beverage. The progressive menu of this place includes the most unique blends and mixtures of drinks to form the perfect cocktail. The spirits are curated in-house and an extensive range of draft beer is also available here. One must definitely drive down to this bar while visiting Geylang.

Location: 1 Street Andrew’s Road, #06-01 National Gallery Singapore, Singapore – 178957, 4 km from Geylang
Open till: 01:00 AM
Cost for two: INR 8,500

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2. Propeller Rooftop Bar



If one is bored of the Marina Bay landscapes and is looking for a unique place to experience an exciting new years eve celebrations, then Propeller Rooftop Bar is the place to be. This amazing bar is housed by the Bay Hotel which is located at the Harbourfront in Singapore. The first new years eve party event was held here in 2017 and since then people have been looking forward to the upcoming new year party event here. For a total of five hours, one can enjoy indulging in the free-flow of tapas, sangrias and many other selective refreshing drinks. One can get an amazing view of the fireworks as well from here.

Location: Bay Hotel, 50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore
Duration: 5 Hours
Timings: 07:00 PM to 01:00 AM
TripAdvisor rating: 4.0 Stars
TripAdvisor reviews

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3. Level


Image Courtesy: The Luxury Asia Insider

This is one of the most awesome rooftop bars in Singapore, and possibly in the whole world. Perched on the Marina Bay Financial Center, this microbrewery outdoor terrace gives you stunning views of the Marina Bay, Esplanade, and the eastern neighborhoods of the city. If you are a beer lover, you should definitely go to the highest beer brewery in the world an experience you will never forget. With stylish interiors and modern d-cor, the roof terrace is a superb place to sit down and enjoy your beer, or any of the other delicious drinks that Level 33 offers. If you are looking for top rooftop bars Singapore, this is one of them for sure!

Highlights: Amazing ambience, splendid views of Marina Bay, worlds highest brewery worth a visit

Address: 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01, MarinaBay Financial Center Tower 1, Singapore 018981
Must Try: In-house brewed beers, platter of five 100ml samplers of the bars IPA, blond lager, stout, wheat and house porter beers, beer cocktails

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4. Altitude



Considered to be one of the finest rooftop bars in the world, 1-Altitude is also the highest rooftop bars in Singapore. Situated on the 63rd floor, it has a good cocktail menu, amazing 360-degree views of the entire city, and stylish furnishings that makes Altitude bar in Singapore a superb place to relax after a tiring day for both travelers and locals alike. As it is so popular, it can get a little crowded at times, but when it comes to nightlife feels, there is no place in Singapore like 1-Altitude. You can make your way up during the day to grab an afternoon cocktail, and witness a mesmerizing sunset over the city or go at night when you can have a party with live DJs.

Highlights: Amazing 360-degree view of the city, great food, and live DJs

Address: Chomel 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Must Try: Rum-mixed cocktail Shut Up and Drink and vodka-based drink Pink Floyd

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We hope this trip turns out to be the best trip of your life. These bars near Marina Barrage have attracted a lot of attention recently from both office and college goers. You will head over heels in love with the ambience of this place. There is nothing better than dancing with your friends until the wee hours of the morning. Book your trip to Singapore with TravelTriangle to avail exciting deals and discounts. You are in for a treat!

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