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Snorkelling In Mare Tabac Grand Port: 4 Best Spots For Beginners And Experts

Mare Tabac is a small, quaint village in Mauritius. It is situated on the east side of the island. Grand Port is a conglomeration of several villages such as Mare Tabac. Grand Port is a French word for “large port”. The lush green landscape and pristine clear beach water of Mare Tabac has slowly begun to attract tourists from far and wide, especially the Southeast Asian countries. Mare Tabac was unheard of until 2018. The Mauritian Government is making every effort to boost tourism in Mare Tabac. Looking to strengthen the island’s tourism industry, the government is using aggressive PR to increase awareness about this beautiful region.

There is no trace of doubt that Mare Tabac is one of the finest bathing spots in Grand Port. The village’s green cover is extensive. The adjoining white sandy beaches offer the perfect opportunity for snorkelling in Mare Tabac Grand Port. They also offer scope for other kinds of water activities such as diving, sailing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and scuba diving, to name a few. These water sport activities will give you the much-needed sense of adventure and thrill. Needless to say, you will get an adrenaline rush from pursuing these activities. You will have the time of your life in Mare Tabac, Grand Port and will not be disappointed by anything that the place offers you.

Mare Tabac is a stark reminder of the colonial past of Mauritius. There are various remnants found on the island, especially in popular attractions, that bear historical significance. The French and the British navy fought the battle of Green Port on these lands. The Indian Ocean forms a significant part of the trade network route. Unsurprisingly, in the 1800s, both the British and the French wanted to gain control of Grand Port because of its strategic location. Both the parties recognized the significance of this island as a base for raiding warship. Mare Tabac’s history is not talked about enough, but it deserves due importance in the larger scheme of things.

We have shortlisted 4 places for snorkelling in Mare Tabac Grand Port based on their popularity. These places are a hit among both beginners and expert snorkelers. You are in for a treat. Scroll through this list and take a look at the places that have won our heart:

1. Flic En Flac

Flic en Flac shutterstock_770566612

Much famed as the longest beach of the island; Flic en Flac is the best place to try snorkeling in Mauritius. The water is shallow and calm here with abundance of marine animals like blue-tarred parrotfish, whitespotted box fish and stripped moorish idol.

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2. Pointe Aux Piments

Pointe aux Piments shutterstock_548668543

Tucked at the north-west coast of Mauritius, Pointe aux Piments is another perfect spot for snorkeling. This is a narrow beach, ideal for sunbathing, leisure walks, picnic and sunset views. Pointe aux Piments beach is also famous for spotting sea turtles.

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3. Isle Aux Cerfs

Isle aux Cerfs shutterstock_15421114

Surrounded by white sand dunes and turquoise blue lagoon, Isle aux Cerfs is a stunningly beautiful beach of Mauritius. The place is a perfect spot for Mauritius snorkeling and one can swim and spot exotic marine species like blacktip groupers, blue stripe snappers and sunbream.

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4. Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay Marine Park shutterstock_608172974

Perfectly resting on the south-eastern corner of the island, Blue Bay Marine Park is a sprawling marine biodiversity park and one of the most popular places for snorkeling in Mauritius. The water depth is just about 5-6 metres, making it ideal for beginners and first-timers. Get your underwater cameras ready for damselfish, angel fish, parrotfish, clownfish and wrasse.

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Is snorkelling im Mare Tabac Grand Port your dream? Turn that dream into reality by booking a trip to Mauritius right away. You will be thrilled by your decision. Trust us, this is the best decision you’ll take in your life! Make sure to take your snorkeling gear with you in case you don’t want to spend money on buying yourself a suit. We promise it will be a fun fest. Think sangrias and dirty martinis. Tell us about your experience in the comments section. We are waiting!

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Dolce Vita : A Gracious, Enjoyable and Scenic Family Vacation to Italy

Shreshth and his family pick up their hats and step out under the Tuscan sun for a week-long vacation to Italy. Read his journey to experience the rich and diverse history of Italy,  filled with stories that are narrated by the Italian architecture in a very dynamic and cultural manner. He took a package via TravelTriangle for INR 303000 that included the tickets, accommodation, breakfast and transfers.

Exploring the Venice canals

I got myself in a dilemma when my family asked me to plan a trip to Europe. The idea of hopping countries in every few days across an open border continent didn’t look like an appealing idea to me. Traveling to a country like Italy and spending a week there with my sister and mother looked like a very exciting prospect.

After searching on the internet for various travel packages to Italy, I came across the Travel Triangle website which provided me with an option to customize packages according to my needs. I found this feature really handy to develop a personalized vacation experience.

Family time in Rome

Soon I was contacted by a representative from Travel Triangle who linked me to various agents providing me with packages from Italy. I found the best package via Memorable Vacation & Holidays. The excitement was building up as we were all set for our family vacation to Italy.

Day 1: Arriving in Venice

Understanding the culture in Venice

We boarded our flight to Venice from Delhi early in the morning and had a layover in Dubai. We reached Venice in the afternoon, after which we were met by a representative from the Travel Agency who took us to the hotel.

Sun-kissed Venice during the gondola tour

We checked into the hotel in the evening. The beautiful architecture and functioning of this unique city amazed us. To see people living in a city of canals and not roads is truly distinctive. We thought of exploring the streets of Venice in the evening by taking a small boat ride. Later on in the evening, we went out for dinner before calling it a day.

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Day 2 : Exploring Venice

Major canal intersection in Venice

Having rested and shaken off our jet lag, we woke up fresh in the morning, had some breakfast and got ready for the Venice Tour. We were scheduled to visit Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

Our tour started with a visit to Murano. It is a group of Islands in Italy which is famous around the world for its glass making workshops. Many of the glass factories and workshops are artisanal in nature and offer a live demonstration of their work.

Sreshth during the Burano Tour

Onward we went to Burano. The colourful and vibrant archipelago that is renowned for not only its colorful houses but also for its school of lace-making. Seeing so many colors splattered all over the houses in that Island was a treat for sore eyes. We felt a very positive vibe around Burano. I guess all the colors lit our mood up.
The final stop of our tour was Torcello. It is a quaint and scantily populated Island in the Venetian area. The main attraction in Torcello were the beautifully crafted mosaics on the walls. After visiting every island in Venice, I became ever so surprised at the unique identity every small place has in this city despite being in close proximity.

Scenic Backdrop in Venice

In the evening, we were transferred to the St. Mark’s Square which happened to be the most popular sightseeing spot in Venice. Later on, we took a Gondola ride around dinner time to explore the back lanes of Venice. Dinner for us was the usual pizza and some pasta, as finding vegetarian food in Italy can be a task.

Day 3 : Train to Florence

Delicious meal in Florence

The Venice experience had us filled with excitement and anticipation for things to come. After having a quick breakfast, we were transferred to the train station where we took the 11 am train to Florence.

We checked into our hotel in the late afternoon and immediately went looking for a cafe around our hotel for lunch. Finding variety in food for vegetarians in Italy can be a tough task. It feels pretty monotonous after a few days of constant Margherita pizzas and plain pastas. We found some time to rest in the afternoon and catch up on some lost sleep as our schedule for the later half of the day was free.

Exploring the history of Florence

The atmosphere in Florence was very different to that of Venice. The people in Venice were very cold. The experience could have differed for others but, at least that’s what my family and I observed. Even little things like room service in Venice is also provided only if people pay extra for it.

Florence, on the other hand, had a more young and enthusiastic crowd. The party atmosphere was very much visible as late in the evening we witnessed a parade which was very lively and enjoyable. It was almost as if the Florentines were the flag bearer of spirit and vibe in the country.

Day 4 : Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa Day Tour from Florence

We got ready for our next adventure which was scheduled to take us to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We were clubbed along with few other tourists and sent on a bus trip to Pisa. It was a total delight passing through the picturesque and almost surreal hills of Tuscany. It felt as if the great painter Michelangelo painted these hills themselves.

Upon reaching the Leaning Tower, the bright and sunny weather added to our experience. Seeing the world famous monument and learning about how it’s leaning structure became so popular was informative and fascinating. After a few hours, we returned to Florence via the tourist bus.

Shreshth and his family in Florence

Later in the afternoon, we had time to visit the famous spots of Florence. Due to the long summer days and sun setting after 8.30pm, it gave us plenty of time to cover the popular tourist spots.

Making new friends in Florence

Visiting the picturesque Florence Cathedral was next on my list. The dome of the Florence Cathedral could be visible from anywhere in Florence. The Cathedral situated in the Piazza del Duomo was the hallmark of the city. The sculptures and carvings on the outside and the paintings on the inside walls are absolutely breathtaking. I think by far this was the best church I’ve ever seen in my life.

Youthful and Vibrant Parade in Florence

Getting a chance to catch the sunset near the River Arno was a delight. After it grew dark, we had dinner and proceeded back to the hotel for the night.

Day 5: Traveling to Rome

Exploring the Vatican

Arguably, the most popular city in Europe awaited our arrival. After breakfast and checking out from Florence, we bid farewell to this beautiful city and head to Rome. The amount of history associated with Rome, as one would imagine, is intriguing. The city is filled with monuments of historical significance.

A good summer day for tourists in Rome

The hotel in which we stayed in Rome was called the Gioberti Art Hotel. This place was by far the most unique and stylish hotel I’ve ever been to. I was really impressed by the artwork and the chic design with which the hotel was constructed.

Beautifully crafted dome with paintings

The first evening we had in Rome, we planned to take it easy and settle in. Around dinner time we got a chance to explore the place around the hotel where we managed to find an Indian restaurant for dinner. The food although, not being up to the mark, was a welcome change from the standard Italian cuisine.

Day 6 : When in Rome, Just Roam!

Shreshth and family during a Full Day tour of Rome

Our day began with breakfast at the hotel and then we got ready for the city tour. We got ourselves a 2-day pass for the Hop-on Hop-off Rome Bus Tour.

The city tour covered the important tourist destinations. Starting the tour with Termini Station, Santa Maria Basilica, and Circus Maximus. Moving on to the major locations we spent our time on, were St Peter’s Square and the Basilica in Vatican City which is also home of Catholicism and the Residence of the Pope.

Walking around in the stone-brick St Peter’s Square gave us a panoramic view of the Papal residency and the St Peter’s Basilica. The Square was apparently made this big so that the maximum number of people can take the Pope’s blessings from his balcony.

St Peter's Basilica in Vatican

The insides of the Basilica were absolutely massive. The grandeur of being inside the largest and the most important Basilica in the world was truly moving. Later on, we ended our Hop-on Hop-off bus tour and proceeded back to our hotel and retired for the night.

Day 7 : Colosseum and Departure

Sightseeing tour of the Colosseum

Our final day in this glorious country was here. Although, we had a little time on us to explore a little bit of Rome which we chose to skip yesterday. We decided to visit the Colosseum as a part of our Hop-on Hop-off City Bus tour.

The Colosseum is a very impressive architectural marvel which has been preserved for thousands of years. The most astounding fact about the place is that it is still the largest amphitheater ever built in the world. We returned from the Colosseum in the afternoon and checked out of the hotel. We were transferred to the international airport in Rome from where we took our flight back to India.

Outside the historical Colosseum

Looking back, I’m really satisfied with the output of the vacation. I got to spend some quality time with my family which otherwise becomes difficult in our day-to-day environment. Going on a family vacation to Italy instead of country hopping in Europe for 10 days is certainly the better way to travel.

After spending the week in Italy, I feel I have a better understanding and appreciation of Italy and it’s different cities. Italy, very much like India, is rich in culture and tradition.

Sightseeing in Venice

High Points :

  • Seeing and joining the carnival parade in Florence was a treat. The lively and jovial nature of Florentines is something I will always remember.
  • Exploring Venice in Gondola was another unique experience. The concept of having a city built in and around canals and roads is fascinating.
  • Staying in the Gioberti Art Hotel was an ultimate luxury experience.

Low Points :

  • The people in Venice were pretty cold and unwelcoming. Room service in the hotels of Venice is also paid.

Tips for Travelers :

  • Take out time to visit Italy rather than rushing through 2 cities in 2 days.
  • Vegetarians should carry ready made food to meet their basic dietary needs.

Turn back time with a magical adventure to Italy  For an experience unlike no other, Book your package to Italy now!

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3 Top Restaurants Near Lorong Halus, Singapore For A Memorable Experience

Located on the eastern banks in the Punggol area, Lorong Halus is a small wetland area that is not much known amongst tourists. It flaunts scenic views and a breezy weather on most of the days, on others the temperature rises to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, it is also surrounded by some really amazing places to eat that can add multicultural flavors to your holiday. These restaurants near Lorong Halus offer a wide array of cuisines and cocktails to treat the gastronome in you.

While the food quality is topnotch, these restaurants are not at all behind even when it comes to their ambiance and hospitality. Everything is simply heartwarming and perfect for you to rejuvenate after long hours of sightseeing or shopping! So, there are numerous reasons for you to add these food joints to your bucket list and tick them off as soon as possible!

Here’s a list of the top restaurants near Lorong Halus that you must visit on your next trip, especially if you are around Punggol. Wondering why? Scroll below and take a look!

1. Siam Kitchen


Another one in Shopper Lot One Mall, Siam Kitchen is a well-known Thai restaurant. The best dishes here are the olive rice, fried rice and the Ice Thai Milk Tea. The tea is simply amazing and the food here is awesome. The restaurant is a nice place to have a quick lunch or dine properly. You have to reserve your table before itself. Here is some additional information:

Location: 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, 02-25, Singapore 689812
Average Price for two: $20
Timings: 11.30 AM-9.30PM
Rating: 3.8/5

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2. Punggol East Container Park

delicious crabs in punggol east

Flaunting a fancy ambiance with the touch of fairy lights in the evening, this place will take you to a different place and time altogether. There are innumerable things on the menu that have become famous amongst the folks who hang out here, for instance, you must try the fish and crisps, curry mayo and salted egg. Whether you are with your family or your squad, this is a great place to visit in Singapore and to hang out at!

Location: 50 Punggol E, Singapore 828824
Average Price for two: NA
Timings: 12.00 PM-1.00AM
Rating: NA

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3. Uncle Leong Seafood

delicious seafood in uncle leong

This is an amazing place to eat near Lorong Halus. Situated in Punggol East, it offers a kick-ass variety of crabs, of which the chilly pepper crab are the most famous amongst locals. If you are looking for a place away from the hustle bustle of the city, this place will seem like a paradise to you. So, just don’t think anything and head right to this place because we would only be treated with sweet surprises.

Location: 6 Tebing Lane, #01-03, Punggol East, Singapore 828835
Average Price for two: NA
Timings: 4.30 PM-11.30 PM
Rating: 4/5

These restaurants near Lorong Halus make for the perfect pit stops to dine, wine, and relax on your Singaporean vacay. Whether you are a foodie or not, these places will surely make you fall in love with the deliciousness that the Merlion city has to offer. So, be what it may, do make sure you visit all these places for a memorable dining experience on your upcoming trip to Singapore with TravelTriangle!

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5 Places To Visit In Pailles On Your Vacation In Mauritius

If you think of Mauritius, what comes to your mind? Probably the white sand beaches, the azure waters, the deep ocean, the palm trees, and people wearing floral dresses.

Well, there’s more to this lovely island nation. If you’re someone who also enjoys exploring little towns and quaint villages, Mauritius is the place you must visit. Known for its blue lagoons and a long history of colonization, each village, and town in Mauritius offers something unique to the tourists. One such town is Pailles, which is also home to the much-loved amusements parks of Mauritius, Domaine Les Pailles.

If you want to lose yourself in the peace and serenity of the little Pailles, this is the time. We have listed some of the best places to visit in Pailles, you must explore on your trip to Mauritius.

1. Tamarind Waterfalls

The beautiful Tamarind Waterfalls in Mauritius

Tamarind Waterfalls are one of the best things to see in Mauritius. The waterfalls comprise of a series of seven cataracts located on the Tamarin River, and hence are often called the Seven Cascades. Located near a small village named Henrietta, the waterfall is known for its splendid greenery and the gorgeous valleys. If you’re someone who wants to explore new trails, want to take a talk through dense forests, or want to take a hike, Tamarind Waterfalls may be the best place for you.

Famous for: A variety of activities like hiking, canyoneering, cliff jumping, bird-watching, and swimming

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2. Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum In Mauritus

Yet another treat for the history lovers. If you want an alluring view of art and history of Mauritius and want to go into the depths of the country, this place is a must stop. Start with an overview of the three colonial period – Dutch, French and British, and move on to the history of the postal service of Mauritius. From its very first stamp to the rarest and world-renowned stamps, the museum houses many interesting things.

Next, we come to the best places to visit in Mauritius for shopping. It offers a mix of indigenous creations and global brand products. Handicrafts are easily available at the beaches while duty-free shops are located at slightly upmarket places. Art fanatics can head to the dedicated Craft market; a good place to pick souvenirs for your friends. Besides, other tourist attractions in Mauritius include:

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3. Moka

Bagatelle Shopping Mall in Moka Mauritius

Right in the heart of Mauritius, Moka is a smart city. This is the place for lifestyle shopping from your favorite brands such as Armani Jeans, Body & Soul, Celio, Colors & Senses, Esprit, and Hugo Boss, among others. If you want to explore the more modern and developed side of Mauritius, this is the place you must explore. Moka is only 12 km from Port Louis, which makes it easily accessible. You’ll be surprised to know that more than 40% of the workforce in Mauritius lives within 10 km of Moka.

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4. Bagatelle Mall, Moka

A lady walking with her shopping trolley inside Bagatelle Mall in Moka

With over 130 stores including brands like Aldo, Armani Jeans, and Celio under one roof, Bagatelle Mall has topped the charts for one of the finest places for luxury shopping in Mauritius. Shoppers from in and around Mauritius, plus tourists from around the globe, love indulging in a shopping spree at Bagatelle Mall – a fine shopping mall in Mauritius. If you want to do clothes shopping in Mauritius, this is the place to be.

Known for: Luxury shopping; Events and hypermarkets on weekend and public holidays
Bargaining skills required: Not really!


5. Martello Tower

Martello Tower


The five towers were built back in the 1800s by the British to protect their colony from the French, who apparently were trying to instigate the slaves. The tower located at La Preneuse is now serving as a museum where experts explain the incredible architecture of the towers. Apparently, these towers are all three meters thick, with copper cannons which could shoot at a range of about 2 kilometers.

The tower has different levels; the basement is where a tank was built to collect rainwater from the roof; the ground floor was used to store gun powder; the first floor of the tower has a room for the Chief Office and other rooms could accommodate the shoulders. There were two canons installed on the roof, one was facing the sea and the other one facing inland.


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Whether you love sunny beaches or you’re someone who finds peace in little villages and towns, Pailles in Mauritius welcomes all with open arms. Go, have delicious cuisines in Pailles, go crazy in its lovely amusement park, soak in the shimmery sun on the soft and sandy beaches, or immerse yourself in the blue waters.

Still confused about picking your next holiday destination? Well, let our holiday experts plan your Mauritius trip this time. You can have all the fun while our experts plan your memorable vacation.

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5 Lovely Cafes Near National Orchid Garden To Hang Out In Singapore In 2019

Singapore is a modern island nation with a lot of planning areas and some spectacular and iconic buildings and skyscrapers. It is quite developed today but it hasn’t lost its greenery in all this development. Today too Singapore is lush green and thus has maintained its green cover in the form of botanic gardens, national parks, recreational parks and more. One such green space here is the National Orchid Garden which is a part of Singapore Botanic Gardens. One can often find both tourists and locals here as these spaces are peaceful and tranquil. And when you feel hungry, you can head to one of these cafes near National Orchid Garden for a quick bite or tasty cup of coffee.

The National Orchid Garden which is a part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a beautiful place in Singapore. The Botanic Gardens has been developed on the 3 Core Concept and the Orchid Garden is the part of Central Core here. The park is breathtakingly beautiful and has around 60,000 orchid flowers. There are quite a lot of species and hybrids maintained here. It is a beautiful place to visit in Singapore. Do take out time and visit the National Orchid Garden. And if you feel hungry after all the exploration and sightseeing then Singapore has some of the best restaurants and cafes around town.

The food scenes in Singapore are terrific. There is a blend of different cuisines as people here are from various cultures. One can find influences of both the east and the west. There is a presence of Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian all together. Together these cuisines make up for exotic flavors and dishes. Try something new at each of these cafes near National Orchid Garden. The cafe culture is truly lovely here. One can interact with locals or just sit for long at one of these places, enjoying coffee and light bites.

Places To Visit Near Singapore River

If one likes to meet and interact with people from different parts of the world, then the peak season is the best to visit Singapore. It is an international travel destination, and people visit the country from all over the globe during the months of December and January. This is the busiest time that Singapore sees in terms of tourists. If something more tranquil and peaceful is on your mind then you can plan a vacation when the crowd lessens and there are a fewer number of people here. The temperature is usually warm throughout the year and packing light cotton clothes is advisable. Also, carry sunblock as the sun can get harsh during noon.

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Here is a list of some of the best cafes near National Orchid Garden in Singapore. Stop by for a quick bite or a long conversation over a cup of coffee at one of these chic cafes. Read on.

1. Chock Full Of Beans


Rustic wooden décor, red brick wall, and cordial staff will beckon you into Chock Full of Beans. It is one of the favorite cafes in Changi village among teenagers. Pasta, sandwiches, coffee, and cakes- everything here is served fresh. This is a cozy place where you can spend your evening, flipping through your favorite novel or chatting with your friends. Make sure to check out their 3D coffee art which is nothing less than a culinary masterpiece.

Location: 4 Changi Village Rd, 01-2090, Singapore 500004
Must try: Eggs Benedict and crabmeat pasta
Opening hours: 11 am – 10 pm

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2. The White Olive


Situated inside hotel Changi Cove, the White Olive is a prestigious and swanky café in Changi. The ambiance, hospitality, and the food menu are excellently curated. Located a few minutes away from Changi airport MRT station, The White Olive is the perfect haven for those looking for a cozy, casual dining experience with their loved one.

Location: 351 Cranwell Rd, Singapore 509865
Must try: Duck salad and dry prawn pasta
Opening hours: 7 am – 10 pm

3. Saltwater Café At Village Hotel



Last but not the least, one of the most renowned names in this list of popular Changi cafes is Saltwater Café. Located inside the Village Hotel, this is a classic place that offers the best of Asian and International specialties like snow crab legs and rojak. This is one of the very few Changi cafes that provide halal food.

Location: 1 Netheravon Rd, level 1 Village Hotel Changi, Singapore 508502
Must try: Snow crab legs and rojak
Opening hours: 6: 30 am – 10 pm

4. Koi


This is a perfect place to come for a brunch date or coffee and tea with your family or friends. They serve authentic Thai cuisines that are so delectable in taste that you can’t stop yourselves from having more of it. This café remains open from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. So make sure that you go there early. The ambiance is quite family friendly. The prices are also reasonable and the staff is very attentive and professional.

Location: 83 Punggol Central, #B1-K2, Singapore 828761
Must try: chicken rice
Google rating: 3.8/5

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5. Cravings



Truly justifying its name, this place will boost your cravings for their desserts. It is a one-stop destination for all the dessert lovers out there. And a wide range of chocolates that they serve here will make you fall head over heels with this place. So if you’re looking for a nice café to have some dessert that too at a reasonable price then head over to this beautiful café.

Location: 6 Teabing Ln, #01-05, Singapore 828835
Must try: chocolate monster, ice cream waffle
Google rating: 3.7/5

Booking a trip to Singapore already? Check the TravelTriangle app for better deals and discounts. And do not forget to add these cafes near National Orchid Garden to your list! Do check out a few and write to us of your experience in the comments below.

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3 Places To Enjoy Snorkelling At La Cambuse Beach With Your Friends

Situated within a couple of miles from the SRR International Airport, La Cambuse beach is every traveler’s dream destination. It is interspersed with lush green forests and pristine clear beach water. You will be transported back in time on your trip to La Cambuse beach. It is less crowded than the rest of Mauritian beaches. It is a perfect getaway for honeymooners. You can hike or go snorkelling at La Cambuse beach, the choices are never-ending. The prospect of being surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna is way too exciting to ignore.

We have shortlisted 3 places that you must visit on your trip to La Cambuse beach. These places shouldn’t be ignored if you go snorkelling at La Cambuse beach. We promise you that the experience will be worth it:

1. Belle Mare Beach

explore the island at your own leisure

There are a range of activities you can pursue at Belle Mare beach like surfing, diving, swimming, boating, rowing, kayaking and scuba diving. Belle Mare is every traveler’s favorite beach destination on the planet. It is a private island whose white sandy beaches and lush landscapes beckon tourists from around the world. It will become your home away from home.

There are several luxurious resorts that you can stay in at Belle Mare. The five star properties are a class apart, with several amenities on offer such as spa services, personal butler, marble bathtub, indoor pool, sauna, free breakfast, in-house restaurant and a local chef who will whip you the delicious local cuisine.

Famous for: Snorkelling and diving

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2. Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

famous beach in Mauritius

Ile Aux Cerfs Beach is a privately-owned island near the east coast of Mauritius. It is your gateway to unlimited adventures and beach leisure. The gin-clear waters, jaw-dropping lagoons, and profuse flora of the island make it a must-visit during your holiday in Mauritius. Ile Aux Cerfs Island is also called as the Deer Island in English. Although there are no deer on the island anymore, it is still known for its scenic beaches and watersports.

On a tour of Ile Aux Cerfs Island, one can discover beautiful landscapes and beaches. The island is one of the largest lagoons of Mauritius. It has protected vegetation and white sand beaches. There is a variety of Ile Aux Cerfs tour available for visitors. Every day hundreds of tourists visit this island by boat.

Famous for: Boating and snorkelling

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3. Blue Bay Marine Park


If water sports and snorkeling is your thing, you are going to absolutely love the Blue Bay Marine Park. Exploring the marine life from around the underwater is absolutely mind-boggling and everything you need to experience while in Mauritius. The park is also home to a wide range of mangroves, sea grasses, and even algae.

Famous for: Snorkelling

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La Cambuse beach is an year-round destination, so you can visit it at any time whatsoever. Book your trip to Mauritius right away and explore the underwater with your friends and family. You will have the time of your life and will not be disappointed by anything that La Cambuse beach has to offer you. Don’t forget to go snorkelling at La Cambuse beach on your Mauritian vacay.

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Labrador Nature Reserve: Everything That You Need To Know About Singapore’s Paradise!

While most decide between mountain vacations or beach vacations, there are seldom such places which offer the features of both- of lazing around the beach area or perhaps going for hiking in the mountainous area. But the Labrador Natural Reserve, which offers the advantages of both so that you get the best of both worlds on your holiday.

About Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Park Nature Reserve, also locally known as the Labrador Park is situated in the southern part of mainland Singapore. When talking about physical features, it houses only a rocky seacliff which the public can access with ease. About 10 hectares of its coastal vegetation and its rocky reserve has been part of a natural reserve go encouraged preservation. This nature reserve in Singapore houses more than 70 kinds of birds which reside over here and that includes the rufous woodpecker, blue-crowned hanging parrot and Abbott’s babbler amongst others can be seen here. Apart from this, there are also diverse species of butterflies which live here. The rocky shore mentioned above isn’t barren as well and one can find a multitude of crabs and corals over there apart from sandworms, seagrasses, and horseshoe crabs.

Cost: The park is open throughout the day, but the rocky Beach and the jetty is open from 9 am to 8 am daily. The Labrador Secret Tunnels are open from around 10 am to 7 pm daily with the last admission for a guided tour at 6 pm. The best time to head out here is definitely from early morning to late afternoon. There is no entry fee to the park, rocky Beach or the jetty but guided tours over at the Labrador Secret Tunnels cost $5 per child and $8 per adult.

Best Time To Visit

The months from February to April is the best time to visit this park simply because these are the months between summers and winters, which means that you will get to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities between them. Avoid going in the months of November to January and from May to June because the former is the period of wet months and the later one- hottest months.

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Already excited? Check out the list of things you can do at Labrador Nature Reserve while you are on your trip. Take a look!

1. Promenade


The best part of going outside is that it clears one’s head and allows for some much needed solitary space for thinking and introspection. The calmness is more when the place is by the water. This is what the promenade is for. This seafront promenade located over at Labrador Natural Reserve is the best place to head to for a bike ride or a walk while enjoying scenic visuals of the sea. You can also engage in fishing over here but make sure to check if you can in that particular space or not.

2. Labrador Jetty

Labrador Jetty

Even if you can’t go fishing on the promenade there is a much better and legal way to go fishing and that is on the reopened Labrador jetty. Here you will get to see the only rocky sea cliff in all of Singapore’s mainland. The jetty was recently opened to the public after being closed down for multiple years due to landslides but with the new cliff face, the jetty is sure to be back up and running.

3. Seaside Playgrounds

Seaside Playgrounds

This is definitely made for those who are a little younger but even adults can’t help but rediscover their inner child once they see this amazing swing set. The view from there is amazing as well, especially during the low afternoon when the sun isn’t in the middle of the sky but also hasn’t gone down. The whole atmosphere here is also really relaxing and there are actually two playgrounds over here. One is smaller than the other but the other one has the bonus of having a small relics from WW2 and also from Singapore’s colonial days.

4. Natural Trail

Natural Trail

Amongst the things To Do At Labrador Nature Reserve, going hiking is a must. This trail was actually brought as part of the Labrador nature reserve. While many wouldn’t consider it to be actually hiking since the whole thing is fully paved, but barring one other reserve, this is about as close as one can get to hiking over in Singapore. The trail here is just breathtaking and it is also completely forested as well. Bring your binoculars to spot some small animals apart from monkeys. But along this trail lies hidden some historical artifacts as well so be on the lookout for those. But be prepared, there is a bug problem there. So if bugs make you feel icky then it’s better to just avoid the path altogether.

5. Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

If hiking trails aren’t your thing then go for a walk along the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk. The boardwalk stretches from the natural reserve till the Keppel Bay which is a really short distance away. You can enjoy amazing views of the scenery no matter the direction you look at. The bonus points regarding this place are that there are far fewer bugs in here.

6. Berlayer Creek Mangroves

Berlayer Creek Mangroves

Image Courtesy

To reach here, take up the path which goes towards the MRT station and then through the Berlayer Creek mangroves. Only one such Grove remains out of two in Singapore. The tide impacts what one can see here but there is some lookout points where one is still able to see some amazing creatures. But as a fair warning, their are a lot of bugs here as well.

What To Pack?

What To Pack?

  • Pack in two or three pairs of synthetic or will socks.
  • Put in some storm or rain gear which might include rain pants, rain jacket, gloves, warm hat, pack cover and such.
  • Check the weather in which you will be landing and pack accordingly.
  • Pack in hiking boots and a small first aid kit.
  • Put in bug spray or an insect repellent of any sort.


  • Don’t forget to visit the mesmerizing tunnels.
  • You don’t have to carry excessive amounts of good as basic amenities like a cafe and such are available near the promenade and the tunnel.
  • Bring drinking water as there aren’t that many places to buy drinks from.

This park offers views and adventure facilities which will suffice both the lonesome adventure seeker and the pack hunter. There’s something for everyone and that just makes for a great vacation for everyone. So, get packed and book your trip to Singapore right away!

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10 Amazing Hostels In Estonia To Stay At On Your Northern Europe Sojourn

Estonia is a charming microcosm of Europe; it has the medieval old towns, charming coastal villages, and magnificent natural landscapes that are a delight to explore. Estonia has distinct and fantastic destinations like the Capital City of Tallinn with its UNESCO World Heritage old town, Parnu a coastal city hugging the Baltic Sea, Tartu a university town with churches and hipster districts and Saaremaa the gateway to rural Estonia. One of the most significant advantages of the country is the hostels in Estonia, which offer great accommodation at dirt cheap prices.

The country has all the benefits of being a European country but interests from a lower cost of living. Here is a list of hostels in Estonia that are the perfect home base to explore the length and breadth of the country:

1. Red Emperor Bar & Hostel – Fun-filled hostel with an attached bar

Red Emperor Bar & Hostel

The Red Emperor Bar & Hostel has been continuously rated as one of the best hostels in Estonia. The hostel in Tallinn was started by Craig, a friendly Australian guy who found himself broke after his long travels in Europe and decided to stay put in the fun city. The hostel is his dream of creating a fantastic hostel bar where travelers can find comfort, and they meet locals who love their city. This is what sets apart the Red Emperor from other hostels in Estonia. The hostel is colorful and graffiti-filled, and the banks have been given names of countries which will inspire you to plan your next travel!

Location: Aia 10, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Starting price: INR 800/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

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2. Old Town Alur Hostel – Heritage building with modern amenities

Old Town Alur Hostel

The Old Town Alur Hostel is one of the best-maintained youth hostels in Estonia. Although it is located in the heart of Old Town and is located within a 15th-century building, the interiors have been renovated recently. The decor is a mix of modern and traditional Estonian but the kitchen and toilets are the international standard. The town hall square is just around the corner but the street on which the hostel is quiet and allows for a good night’s sleep. The hostel offers free Wifi and city maps, with all the other standard hostel amenities. You can step out and access the city’s famous pubs and clubs within two minutes. The hostel can also arrange for airport transfers and other tours.

Location: Lai 22, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia
Starting price: INR 730/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website |TripAdvisor Reviews

3. Tabinoya Tallinn’s Travelers House – Central location with top of the line amenities

Tabinoya Tallinn's

Stepping into Tabinoya gives you a warm feeling, the wooden decor ensures the hostel retains the rustic atmosphere of the Old Town yet the furniture ensures it’s a modern place fit for young travelers. The best feature of the hostel is its private sauna, which you can use for a fee, it is the best experience especially in the winter months. The hostel is not one of the cheap hostels in Estonia, but it has a lot of free inclusions like breakfast, WiFi, luggage storage and coffee, which saves travelers a lot of money. It is located just off the Kalamaja and Telliskivi district which has the city’s hottest bars and clubs.

Location: Nunne 1, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia
Starting price: INR 1,000/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Website |TripAdvisor Reviews

4. United Backpackers Hostel – Happening common rooms and walking tours

United Backpackers

The United Backpackers Hostel located in the heart of Old Town is one of the best hostels in Estonia. The small and cozy hostel is spread across two floors, with the common rooms on the first floor that is equipped with board games, pool and darts, book exchange and a refreshment counter with beer and drinks. It is made to ensure there is a lot of space to connect with fellow travelers and offers an ideal hostel experience. All the restaurants, shopping areas, and pubs are within walking distance, and the friendly staff ensures you get the best local tips and advice. The hostel organizes great walking tours around the neighborhood, don’t miss out on that!

Location: Kaarli puiestee 11, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia
Starting price: INR 890/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website |TripAdvisor Reviews

5. Hostel Louna – Art-Nouveau building and close to Parnu Beach

Hostel Louna

Parnu is the seaside resort town of Estonia, and Hostel Louna is your best bet to stay in the city at cheap rates. It is one of the rare hostels in Estonia Parnu, yet it is well-maintained and assures a great stay. The hostel itself is located within a heritage Art-Nouveau building constructed in 1909 and has comfortable beds inside the dorm rooms. It actually coincides with what we have come to expect with Europe. Everything is close by to the hostel like the St. Elizabeth’s Church and Parnu Museums. The beautiful Parnu beach is ten minutes away and is ideal to visit in the summer, in fact, Parnu is considered the summer capital of the country!

Location: Lõuna 2, Pärnu, 80010 Pärnu maakond, Estonia
Starting price: INR 970/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

6. Telegraf Backpackers – Proximity to Kaali Craters

Telegraf Backpackers

The Telegraf Backpackers is your best choice to stay in the quaint little town of Kuressaare in Estonia. The most famous attraction of the town is the Kaali craters, which are a group of nine meteorite crates formed almost three millennia ago. The hostel is about 17KM away from the craters, and you can find transport easily. The town also has other attractions like the pretty Kuressaare Castle, the church and the Saaremaa Museum. The hostel is run by a friendly owner named Adam who ensures the hostel is comfortable and has all the amenities guests require for an enjoyable stay. The hostel offers free breakfast and car hire which can help you go hiking to the nearby beach and hillside.

Location: Tolli 7, Kuressaare, 93813 Saare maakond, Estonia
Starting price: INR 1,100/-

7. Hektor Design Hostel – Designer hostel focused on youth

Hektor Design Hostel

When an architect and interior designer has been involved in the construction of a hostel, you can only imagine the amazing result! This is visibly seen at the Hektor Design Hostel in the student city of Tartu in Estonia. It is hands down among the best looking hostels in Estonia. The cheerful space is defined by clean lines, classy furniture and youthful colors that spark energy and enthusiasm and suits the vibe of the young city of Tartu. The hostel in tune with the needs of the millennial generation has a gym on the premises plus a yoga room. It has a shared communal kitchen, a sauna, a projector for movie nights, a foosball table, and a full-service cafe with a library!

Location: Riia 26, 50410 Tartu, Estonia
Starting price: INR 1,800/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

8. Terviseks – Middle of a university town and close to the cultural hub


Terviseks is one of the cheap hostels in Estonia in the student city of Tartu. The city is famous for the 17th-century the University of Tartu and the old town with various landmarks and the AHHAA Science Centre. Terviseks hostel is located in the center of the city and is a small cozy hostel that even has a dog on the premises! The hostel serves free breakfast and complimentary tea and coffee; it also has super-fast Wifi which is ideal if you are a student or working remotely. The staff in the hostel can help you with the best places to party and get your great discounts. If you wish, they can also help arrange day trips to Lake Peipsi and Otepaa.

Location: Raekoja plats 10, 51004 Tartu, Estonia
Starting price: INR 800/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

9. Fat Margaret’s – Majestic architecture and cozy interiors

Fat Margaret's

Fat Margaret’s is a fun and inclusive hostel for young travelers in Estonia. The price is steeper than other hostel rates but comes with free WiFi, and the use of a free sauna and swimming pool! The hostel building itself is typical Tallinn architecture, a white house with an orange rooftop. It is located in the heart of old town from where you can walk around easily and explore the artsy district of Kalamaja with its quirky cafes, and hip restaurants. The facilities in the hostel are basic and comfortable; there are no bunk beds but instead flat beds which are quite convenient. You will have lots of quiet spaces in the area for reading or catching up on email.

Location: Põhja puiestee 27, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia
Starting price: INR 970/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website |TripAdvisor Reviews

10. The Monk’s Bunk – Pub crawls and unique tours and experiences

The Monk's Bunk

If you are looking for a party hostel, then head to the Monk’s Bunk in the center of Tallinn. One of the best party hostels in Estonia, the Monk’s Bunk is known for its legendary pub-crawl. Every night a band of party revelers head from the hostel and visit all the happening clubs in the town with free shots at each place! The hostel ensures you get a complete backpacker experience by offering a variety of tours and experiences like an AK 47 Tactical shooting tour, a visit to the Lahemaa National Park and a more extended Western Wonder Tour covering all the interesting spots in the country. The hostel itself is a colorful place with comfy beds and an attached bar with a happy hour every evening.

Location: Tatari 1, 10116 Tallinn, Estonia
Starting price: INR 730/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

These hostels in Estonia make you want to add the country on your bucket list of travels, isn’t it? Estonia is full of hidden charms and lovely people, it should definitely be one of the countries you travel to in 2019. For great discounts, get in touch with one of our travel experts and book a trip to Europe without any hassle.

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6 Museums In Italy Across 6 Cities. Which One Will You Choose For Your European Adventure?

If ever there was a presentation on how to document, preserve and cherish history, museums in Italy would be the perfect living example. Thousands of museums scattered all over the country provide a dream tourist destination for people who like to take a look back at what transpired in Italy over thousands of years of human civilization.

The anecdotes and tales shared with the common public in Italy takes travelers on an epic and unforgettable journey through time. The famous art museums in Italy are revered so much that it has often been described as a key element of the national pride for the country and its citizens. A key element of what travelers adore about visiting Italy and its museums is the art of storytelling and presentation that its museums curators and staff have mastered over the years. Here are some of the finest museums in Italy that travelers must not miss at any cost.

1. Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Situated in the magical city of Florence is the Uffizi Gallery- one of the best art museums in Italy that sets a worldwide standard for renaissance painting exhibitions. Along with being the most visited museum in Italy, Uffizi Gallery also houses some of the finest works that were in the possession of the legendary Medici House. This 400 year-old museum attracts art enthusiasts from all over the world who consider Uffizi Gallery second to none.

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 8:15 am to 6:50 pm ; Monday Closed
Entry Fee: INR 1650

2. Galleria Borghese, Rome

Galleria Borghese, Rome

Formerly known as the Villa Borghese Pinciana, the Galleria Borghese was converted into a museum in 1903. It is unique in the sense that not many famous museums in Italy have been established within a large mansion and a huge sprawling garden area within its boundaries. However, the popularity of the museum has grown so much in the past century that the gardens have become a separate attraction in itself.

The museum made its name by housing some of the finest works of the world renowned sculptor Bernini like Truth Unveiled by Time, Apollo and Daphne, and David. The biggest caveat for art lovers is the presence of “The Last Supper” painted by Jacopo Bassano.

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 9 am to 7 pm ; Monday Closed
Entry Fee: INR 1680 (via online reservation)

3. Doge Palace, Venice

Doge Palace, Venice

Doge Palace is yet another icon in the jewel of Italy that is Venice. One of the most recognizable famous art museums in Italy due to its eye-catching Venetian Gothic design. Built more than 700 years ago as a palace for the supreme leader of the Venetian Republic, it got converted into a museum in 1923 and since then has transformed itself into a stellar attraction for art connoisseurs.

Timings: All days- 8:30 am to 7 pm
Entry Fee: INR 1640

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4. Museo Egizio, Turin


Probably one of the most out-of-place yet extraordinary museums in Italy is the Museo Egizio in Turin. A museum dedicated to ancient Egyptian archeology of this stature and reputation in Italy definitely raises a few eyebrows of those who are completely unaware of its existence in Turin.

The museum is a treat for lovers of Egyptian history as they can browse through more than 30,000 artefacts that are more than 3000 years old. It’s impressive display galleries and marketing have led it to attractions more than a million visitors last year. The most sought after collections in this museums are
Sarcophagus of Ibi, Statue of Seti II, Statue of Ramesses II with Amun and Hathor.

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 9 am to 6:30 pm; Monday- 9 am to 2 pm
Entry Fee: INR 1230

5. Museo Ferrari, Maranello

Museo Ferrari, Maranello

Not all museums in Italy are about history, art, paintings, and Egypt. For those who love a thrill behind the wheels, they must not forget to pay a visit to the birthplace of the Ferrari. The legendary automotive brand has become synonymous with speed, and world class precision in racing.

This is the youngest museum on the list, as it opened its doors to the public only 28 years ago and then extended a part of the museum in 2005. A visit to the museum will show car lovers all the past and present models of a Ferrari that has ever hit the production line. Apart from that, there is a separate section dedicated to its Formula 1 racing car exploits. The most successful race car manufacturer of all time has indeed an impressive story to tell about its thousands of race medals.

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 9:30 am to 6 pm
Entry Fee: INR 1300

6. National Archeological Museum, Naples

National Archeological Museum, Naples

For people who love to delve into ancient Italian/Roman history, the National Archeological Museum in Naples is the place to visit. What gives this establishment a distinguished position among the museums in Italy is its invaluable ancient Roman and Greek artefacts that belong to places like Pompeii and Herculaneum.

A former seat of the head of Naples, this 200 year-old museum hosts mostly pieces of artwork that were prominently made with local Italian marble during the ancient era of the Romans and Greeks. What surprises historians is the astoundingly well preserved state of some of these artefacts that are more than 3000 years old.

Timings: Wednesday to Monday- 9 am to 7:30 pm
Entry Fee: INR 990

Having covered 6 locations in Italy and its 6 popular museums in Italy, travelers can definitely have a look at this list and cherry pick the ones they would love to visit. After all, such meticulous preservation and presentation of history is no easy task and it deserve all the plaudits it receives from people from all over the world.

Fascinating tales and precious historical gems await travelers in Italy. Go on and book a date with history package to Europe via TravelTriangle and earn a greater understanding of how the human civilization flourished since its birth.

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20 North Carolina Beaches For A Laid Back Vacation In 2019 On Remote Shores

North Carolina is a beautiful state. Its Atlantic shore gives way to the Appalachian Mountains in the West, while the great American cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh are right in the center. North Carolina’s shore is full of barrier islands that jut into the ocean with lovely beaches everywhere. The beaches are a favorite nesting place for turtles and oysters, and small beachfront communities add to the romance of the place.

Here is a small list of the best beaches in North Carolina that you must explore on your trip to the US.

  • Pine Knoll Strolls
  • Shackleford Banks
  • South Beach
  • Topsail Beach
  • Carolina Beach
  • Wrightsville Beach
  • Emerald Isle
  • Kill Devil Hills
  • Holden Beach
  • Atlantic Beach
  • Nags Head
  • Carova Beach
  • Nags Head
  • Lake Lure Beach
  • Kure Beach
  • Currituck House
  • Ocracoke Beach
  • Oak Island Beach
  • Frisco Beach
  • Canadian Hole

1. Pine Knoll Strolls

Pine Knoll Strolls north carolina

Pine Knoll Strolls will delight people who love peace and quiet. Almost untouched, these beaches are hard to find, and yet are the finest of North Carolina beaches. The views from here are amazing, the Atlantic water is striking blue, and the beaches turn ember-red at sunrise and sunset. If the romance of the deserted beaches and the lapping ocean waters are not enough, you can visit the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll that has a number of excellent local exhibits. There is also the salt marsh that makes the beachfront aquarium’s backyard visit-worthy. To get to Pine Knoll, you just need to cross the Bogue Sound Causeway, pass the beach, and then go west till you no longer see any people around – that is the Strolls.

Location: NC 28512, USA

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2. Shackleford Banks

Shackleford Banks north carolina

One of North Carolina’s most scenic barrier island systems, Shackleford Banks is well known for the mounds of oyster shells that lie around the coast here. Located right at the tip of Cape Lookout National Seashore, the windblown shore is covered in shrubs and is popular amongst collectors looking for the precious pearls. However, the best thing about Shackleford Banks is probably the legions of wild and beautiful horses that you will chance upon. You can hop on the ferry from Harkers Island to this magical place.

Location: 2 miles south of Harkers Island, Harkers Island, NC

3. South Beach

Bald Head Island north carolina

This charming Atlantic village is a novel one! One, it is hard to get to this place, so once you are here, you will feel like you are the only one here. Two, there are barely any cars here and instead, people use automated golf carts to get around. Bald Head Island has one of the best beaches, including the South Beach, in North Carolina to go to if you want to de-stress. The three lighthouses will keep you company on this scenic island. To get here, you can either take the ferry from Southport or drive a car from Fort Fisher.

Location: Smithville, NC 28461, USA

4. Topsail Beach

Topsail Island north carolina

The Topsail Island is another of North Carolina’s finest barrier islands. While the island has thick forests and the most amazing sea turtles, it is most popular with tourists for its spectacular beaches. Because the place is basically a finger jutting out in the ocean, there are beaches on both sides. The inlet prime is calm and perfect to go kayaking, or swimming. There are only two ways to get here, you can drive up the drawbridge in Surf City, or you can use the high rise bridge in North Topsail Beach.

Location: North Carolina, USA

5. Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach north carolina

While some of the barrier island beaches are better to visit alone, Carolina Beach is one of the best family beaches in North Carolina . While the beach has enough sand to make a small desert, the water here is also not very fierce and is safe for kids to go into. For the best views of the ocean, you should hike along the pine trails that will take you to the Carolina Beach National Park. There is also a whole boardwalk here where you can find ice cream and hot dog vendors and a ferris wheel that gives a bird’s eye view of the beach, ocean, and park. Proximity makes it really another Wilmington, North Carolina beach.

Location: North Carolina, USA

6. Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach north carolina

This is probably the most accessible beach on the list and is one of the best beaches near Raleigh, North Carolina. Right off the I-40, the Wrightsville Beach is among the best beaches in North Carolina. However, easy accessibility to miles of golden sand and surf means that the beach is crowded, much more on holidays. An easy hack to this is to go away to the Masonboro Island, a protected island in the South that you can only reach via boat.


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7. Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle north carolina

Emerald Isle North Carolina Beach is popular with college kids on a spring break. Actually, the tiny oceanfront community is flooded with young revelers. If you are looking for a quieter time, go to the western half of the narrow beach. Here you will find a quieter place to chill with the nesting sea turtles which are protected by federal law. You should also go to the point where it runs into the Bogue Inlet. The narrow beach widens into a monstrous mouth, offering endless space for beach volleyball or frisbee tournaments. You can also rent beach houses here for the perfect beach holiday.

Location: North Carolina 28594, USA

8. Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hills north carolina

Kill Devil has its place in history – this is where the Wright brothers flew the first ever plane. There was no Kill Devil town then, so you always read Kitty Hawk. There is a monument celebrating this fact. However, Kill Devil also has the most stunning and pristine beaches on the east, and there is miles and miles of sand along the Atlantic shore for you to walk on. The colorful cottages that occupy the shoreline add to the scenic views. The island is only accessible by ferry from the Roanoke Island.

Location: North Carolina 27948, USA

9. Holden Beach

Holden Beach north carolina

This protected oceanfront settlement can not have buildings that are taller than 35 feet, meaning there are no views obstructed on this 8 mile long barrier island in Brunswick County. The town has a population of 575 and is a very quiet place for the perfect relaxing vacation with your family with the best of North Carolina beaches weather. To get here, you should take the NC 130 that goes to the Intracoastal Waterway. The island is connected to the mainland by ferry only.

Location: Ocean View Blvd, Holden Beach, NC

10. Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach north carolina

A North Carolina beach extraordinaire, this popular vacation spot is in Bogue bank. Bound by the Bogue Sound and the Atlantic, the island has abundant public beaches and places to eat, shop, and party. This is a place to go to if you are really looking to let your hair down. However, if you do get tired of all the noise, head down to the Bogue on the Crystal Coast that offers the most majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Location: North Carolina, USA

11. Nags Head

Nags Head Beach, North Carolina

A beach town located on North Carolina’s outer banks, Nags Head, is a great place to spend time on the beach with family. The beach activities, and other sport activities including, mini-golf courses, go-kart tracks for kids and a number of ice-cream shops. The beach is also pet-friendly, where you can also ride a horse. The are various restaurants near the beach that serve BBQ dishes and seafood snacks.

Location: North Carolina 27959, USA

12. Carova Beach

Carova Beach, North Carolina

Carova Beach located in the extreme Northeast corner of North Carolina. The beach is relaxing and the Carova itself is a space suitable for family vacations. The place has minimal development but a lot of amenities. Carova has a multiple entertaining options for dining, shopping and watersports. Roaming on the beach, you will see a herd of wild colonial Spanish horses. The Currituck Beach Lighthouse is another amazing attraction here.

Location: Corolla, Carova, NC

13. Nags Head

Nags head

This beach offers a lot of activities and is perfect for all those who are interested in great thrill. It is a pet-friendly beach. It offers horse riding, go karting, mini golf and a lot more! So, if you are visiting North Carolina with friends, make sure you visit this beach.

Location: 2724 Memorial Hwy, Lake Lure, NC 28746, USA

14. Lake Lure Beach

Lake Lure beach

This is one of the best man-made beaches in North Carolina. Located on the river Broad, lake Lure will lure you into its beauty and charm. Surrounded by blue ridge mountains, its shoreline will help you relax like never before!


15. Kure Beach

Kure beach

This beach is located on the banks of Bogue river. It is popular for water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and more. Alos, it offers beautiful views, rich marine life and peaceful vibes. You can also go fishing here.

Location: North Carolina, USA

16. Currituck House

waves on the beach

A clean, quiet, and serene beach, Currituck is one of the best North Carolina beaches for families. You have plenty of things to do. If you love horses, then you take a wild horse tour or even ride on them if you like. There are a number of tour companies in the regions which provide wild horse tours. You can also enjoy fishing, hunting, and more in Currituck Banks Reserves which is a natural area.

Location: Currituck Beach, Corolla

17. Ocracoke Beach

ocracoke beach

Ocracoke Beach is located on Ocracoke Island which is home to many more undeveloped wild beaches apart from Ocracoke. You can enjoy activities like surfing, sun-bathing, flying kites, and building sand castles. You can easily spend a day filled with fun and leisure with your friends and family on this beach. The region is also abundant in flora and fauna. You will find birds, turtles, fish, and other wildlife.

Location: Ocracoke, North Carolina

18. Oak Island Beach

sunset at oak island

Another one in the list of North Carolina Beaches is the Oak Island Beach on the Brunswick Island. You are going to love this beach because of its laid-back atmosphere and enchanting views. It is the perfect place to relax and peace out. There is a mini-golf course where you can enjoy a game of golf if you have had enough of sunbathing. Bike rentals and marinas are also available.

Location: Oak Island, North Carolina

19. Frisco Beach

ocean at fresco beach

Located on the southern tip of Hatteras Island, Frisco Beach is one of the most amazing beaches in North Carolina where you can spend moments of bliss and solitude. It is an ideal place for swimming. So, swimmers can enjoy swimming for hours here. There are a few restaurants and bars in a peaceful town where you can head to in the evening during your stay.

Location: Frisco, Hatteras Island, North Carolina

20. Canadian Hole


Another beach on Hatteras Island is the Canadian Hole which is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers. It is best known for water adventure sports it has to offer. The wind and water conditions for activities like surfing, paddling, kite0surfing, are always perfect. Its quiet waters make it popular among families. Stay till the sunset because it is spectacular.

Location: Hatteras Island, North Carolina

If you have ever been to the beaches in South Carolina, you would agree that the ones in the North Carolina are highly exceptional. Offering a range of experiences going from the serene to the stunning, they don’t disappoint! Book your trip to the US and for the most enjoyable North Carolina beach vacations.

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