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3 Beaches Near Raffles’ Landing Site Singapore To Visit For Endless Fun

The Raffles’ Landing Site is an iconic location in Singapore. It is located at Boat Quay inside the Civic District in the Central Area’s Downtown Core. Raffles’ Landing Site is said to be the place where, on 28 January 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles had landed on Singapore. the former Governor General of the Dutch East Indies had landed. He was the founder of Singapore and British Malaya. Situated in the central business district of Singapore Raffles’ Landing Site has many commercial hangout spots and scenic places around it. There are some really beautiful beaches near Raffles’ Landing Site too that you must visit for sure.

Raffles' Landing Site

Raffles’ Landing Site is located on the northern bank of the Singapore River. On 28 January 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles set his foot at this site and spent 10 days here. While he stayed here, Sir Stamford Raffles concluded the first treaty with this region’s local rulers. A striking feature of this place is the stature of Sir Stamford Raffles’ which has been placed at this site. The original statue of this former Governor General of the Dutch East Indies was made in 1887 and is currently stands opposite to the iconic Victoria Concert Halls. The statue that you see now at the site is made of poly-marble using the plaster casts of the original statue. This new statue was unveiled in 1972, and holds an inscription stating “On this historic site, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles first landed in Singapore on 28th January 1819, and with genius and perception changed the destiny of Singapore from an obscure fishing village to a great seaport and modern metropolis.”

On the 200th-anniversary celebration of Founding of modern Singapore, in 2019, various creative modifications alterations were made to Sir Stamford Raffles’ statue and the area around it. One of the most astonishing and attractive alterations on the state was camouflaging it with the buildings structures in the background at the Raffles Place. This was done to create a ‘disappearing’ illusion of the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles. Installing some statues of the contemporaries of Raffles including Munshi Abdullah, Tan Tock Seng, and Naraina Pillai along with the statue of Sang Nila Utama, the founder of the Kingdom of Singapura was another alteration in this respect. The site has been a popular tourist spot and is visited by travelers from around the world. This place also holds a lot of significance in the history of Singapore.

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    Singapore is a beautiful island nation and is blessed with many scenic beaches. Here are some of the best and the most pristine beaches near Raffles’ Landing Site in Singapore which you should surely explore to turn your holiday in this Garden city into a beach vacation:

    1. Siloso Beach


    This amazing Beach hosts some of the biggest and happening celebrations for the new year in the island city-state. There are some delicious restaurants here which offer bountiful of food and the bars will let you get your groove on. So get into your swimsuit, take a dip in the warm waters or you can simply unfold your Beach umbrella and sunbathe. Then sip some delectable drinks at the bars or indulge in an impromptu shopping spree. When night finally arrives, then feel the spirit of this venue with amazing parties.

    Location: 51 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa, Singapore, 099538
    Hours: Open for 24 hours.

    2. Tanjong Beach


    Located at the Sentosa Island, it is famous for its backpacking population and also the nature admirers who come here for some greenery. Bring a beach towel, sit on the golden sands and enjoy the weather as you sunbathe. This is a great place to visit for those who want some peace and tranquility. Make sure you stay till dusk to see the waters and sky change its colors with the time of nature. The sands are clean and here there is an atmosphere of bliss. No need to worry if you get hungry while here. There are a lot of themed bistros, restaurants and bars which will help you quench your thirst and hunger. The beach bars don’t open till 11 am, so take a note of that.

    Location: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore, 098942
    Hours: Open Daily

    3. Pasir Ris Beach


    Among the largest beaches in Singapore, Pasir Ris Beach is a wonderland for kids and adults alike. The 6.6 km long beach is lined up with lush mangrove forests where you can have your share of adventure. Enjoy having a picnic by the beach under the sun and surrounded by the cool ocean breeze. The views of the ocean from this beach are also breathtaking.

    Famous for:Picnics and natur walks, park
    Facilities available: There is a cycling track, park, and a playground area which also features play-station

    Are you excited about visiting these beaches near Raffles’ Landing Site? This is your chance to enjoy some of the best days in Singapore. So, plan a trip to Singapore as soon as possible.

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Spanish Phrases And Their Meanings That Will Ease Your Steps In The Land Of Spaniards!

It goes without saying that Spain is known around the world for its amazing tourist attractions. But, what makes it often hard to travel around without a guide is to understand the language. Sign language and motions will only get you through so much. Many people do know English but not every single person does, especially the locals who are completely based out of Spain right from their childhood. If you are visiting Spain, it is best suggested to ensure that you at least familiarise yourself with some of the common phrases that the travellers use there.

If you want a complete guide with the useful and advanced travel phrases for travel, we are going to guide you through the same.

Start From The Basics

Before you move along learning the basics of the language, it is important to ensure that you know the common and easy way of learning the language in the first place. Majority of the people suggest that the best way of learning the language is to witness it in action.
While learning it, in theory, is not a bad option either, it is harder to master the accent from that. Try and watch more videos and tutorials which teach you the basic useful Spanish phrases for conversation. This will let you not just learn and memorize the phrases but also get a hang of the accent that comes alongside it.

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Let's Start With The Greetings

Before getting the Spanish travel phrases to cheat sheet, it is important you start with the basics. Greetings are very important for Spanish people. It is very important to ensure that you learn the basic greetings before anything else.

When it comes down to some of the Spanish phrases for a holiday when it comes to greeting, they include:

1. Good Morning – Buenos días

How to pronounce: bway nos dee ahs

2. Good Afternoon – Buenas tardes

How to pronounce: bway nahs tar days

3. Good Evening – Buenas noches

How to pronounce: bway nahs noh chayss

4.Hi – Hola

How to pronounce: Oh lah

5.How are you? – Cómo está?

How to pronounce: coh moh es tah

6.Good, thank you – bien, gracias

How to pronounce: bee ayn, grah cee ahs

7.Please – Por favor

How to pronounce: por fah voh

8.Nice to meet you – Mucho gusto

How to pronounce: moo choh goos toh

9.Do you speak English? – Habla inglés

How to pronounce: ahblah een glays?

Basic Day To Day Use Phrases

Now with the basic greetings out of the way, the next thing to learn is the basic words that will get you by the every day life in Spain. The list of words might necessarily not be too long, but they are just as important as the greetings that you often come across.
Some of the everyday spanish phrases pdf include:

10.I want – Yo quiero

How to pronounce: yoh kee ayr o

11.I don’t want – yo no quiero

How to pronounce: yoh noh kee ayr oh

12.I would like – Me gustaría

How to pronounce: may goo stah ree ah

13.Where is – Dónde está?

How to pronounce: dohn des tah

14.How much does it cost – Cuánto cuesta?

How to pronounce: cwahn toh cways tah

15.What time is it? – Qué hora es?

How to pronounce: cwahn toh cways tah

16.I understand – Yo entiendo

How to pronounce: yoh ayn tee ayn doh

17.I don’t understand – yo no entiendo

How to pronounce: yoh noh ayn tee ayn doh

18.Do you understand? – Entiende?

How to pronounce: ayn tee ayn day

How To Ask Around For Directions

When it does come around with the prospect of asking for directions, the possibilities are rather confusing. You will need at least some easy phrases to get you by.
Some of the direction related Spanish phrases include:

19.Where is the bus/train station? – Dónde está la estación de Ferrocarril?

How to pronounce: dohn des tah la ays ta see ohn day fay roh cahr reel

20.Where is the restaurant? – Dónde hay un restaurante?

How to pronounce: dohn day eye oon rays tore rahn tay

21.The street….? – La calle … ?

How to pronounce: lah cah yay

22.Where is the washroom? – Dónde está el baño?

How to pronounce: dohn days tah el ban yoh

23.I need a hotel – Yo necesito un hotel

How to pronounce: yoh nay say see toh oon oh tayl

24.Money – Dinero

How to pronounce: dee nayr oh

Spanish Phrases To Use In A Restaurant

Next thing on the list of the basic Spanish phrases printable includes easy and go to phrases that can get you a delectable meal there.

25.A table for two – Una mesa para dos

How to pronounce: oona may sah pah rah dohss

26.A menu – Un menú

How to pronounce: oon may noo

27.With ketchup, mustard, tomato, lettuce – Con salsa de tomate, mostaza, tomate, lechuga

How to pronounce: cohn sahl sah day toh mah tay, mohs tah sah, toh mah tay, lay choo gah

28.A drink – Una bebida

How to pronounce: oona bay bee dah

29.Beer – Cerveza

How to pronounce: sayr vay sah

30.Calling a waiter or waitress – Señor or Señorita

How to pronounce: say nyor, say nyor eetah

When it comes to learning the Spanish phrases, the process of learning is actually quite simple but needs in efforts when it comes to learning. There are actually quite some easy ways in which one can go about with it and some of the easy ways to go about with it include:

1. Go Through Videos

Go Through Videos

The very first thing in line is to ensure to learn Spanish phrases for travellers is to watch videos. Theoretical studies of the language won’t get your accent in place. For the best learning, it is important that you either go through the videos and tutorials. Get good tutors online to help you through the process and get you a good accent.

2. Read Through The Handbooks

Read Through The Handbooks

Yet another easy way to get along with the learning process is to go through the handbooks. This helps in getting a better insight into the word by a word most commonly used phrases. It is quite helpful and will guide you through the commonly used phrases used by locals and the people around.

3. Talk To Some Local

Talk To Some Local

If you want some hands-on experience with the learning, talk to some local who knows English pretty well as well. they will be able to guide you through the process in a better way and you can even learn the accent from them too.

When it comes to learning the Spanish travel phrases, the options could get confusing but it is quite easy when you have the correct resources at your disposal. Make sure to not just get the words right but the accent too because there are chances that you might end up saying something offensive if you don’t get it right. All the while, make use of the best phrases and find yourself roaming around the streets of like a local. So, plan a trip to Spain and go crazy!

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3 Best Restaurants Near Fort Canning, Singapore For Grabbing A Quick Meal!

There a lot of things in Singapore that make it what it is today. While its attractions are impeccable and mind-boggling, the way the country has been built with its littlest of places satiating the wanderlust amongst the locals and tourists alike is one thing that can surely take you by surprise. The food scene has been on a rise in the country from the moment it became the talk of the world. Singapore is known for treating the foodies with a mix of the best western cuisines, and places like Fort Canning have been contributing there bit. However, the only downside is that its location near the Orchard Road can make many overlook its existence. But thanks to the up and coming restaurants near Fort Canning, the time is not far when every tourist will have it on his or her bucket list.

Fort Canning is home to hotels, attractions like parks and museums, and most important some of the topnotch eateries that make it possible for every person out there in the sun to continue his or her exploration in the Merlion City. From expensive to budget, you can find all kinds of places here that will suit both your pocket and taste buds. Just make sure that you visit the best ones first!

Here’s a handy list of the best places to eat near Fort Canning in Singapore that will help you rejuvenate yourself after a long shopping day out at the Orchard Road. Take a look!

1. Minced Meat Noodle


This one is famous for the best foods in Bedok restaurants. A must try item in the menu of Singapore is the noodle along with minced meat. The 58 Minced Meat noodles located in the upper Changi Road and is one of the best places to get the minced meat noodles. This place is quite crowded for breakfast and they serve only breakfast here.

Location: Changi, Bedok
Cost For Two: NA
TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

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2. The Marmalade Pantry At Novena


The Marmalade Pantry at Novena has been serving to its guests with variety of popular recipes since it was incepted. This restaurant uses freshest & locally grown ingredients to prepare the dishes. It is a popular name for serving luxurious pastas, exquisite cupcakes, weekend brunches and unique tea accompaniments. If you are looking for the revitalization, reinvention and refreshment choice without doing any compromise with the quality of food, then it is a perfect option for you.

Must Try: Cupcakes, Beef Burger, Crabmeat Pasta
Location: 8 Sinaran Drive, #01-02/04 | Oasia Hotel Novena, 307470, Singapore
Cuisine: Cafe, Fusion, International, Deli, Vegetarian Friendly & Gluten Free
Cost for Two: ₹ 390/- – ₹ 2,160/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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3. Whampoa Food Center


The dynamic Whampoa Food Center thrills you with its innovative and authentic Singaporean cuisine dishes. Its lively and peaceful atmosphere always keeps the diners hooked. Apart from welcoming the guests in friendly and warm atmosphere, this restaurant is known for its joyful, colorful and nice décor.

Must Try: Rojak, Duck Rice, Local Salad
Location: Whampoa Drive, Singapore, Singapore
Cuisine: Asian, Singaporean
Cost for Two: ₹ 290/- – ₹ 1,168/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

Indulging in the right food during a holiday is one of the most important factors that can turn it into an epic vacation that you would cherish for lifelong. All of these restaurants near Fort Canning will make sure that you experience nothing less on you next Singapore trip with TravelTriangle. With some satay on the plate and wine on the side, your holiday in the Merlion City will become an extravagant affair that you would want to relive time and again!

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