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9 Waterfalls In Estonia That Reveal The Country’s Unbridled Natural Beauty!

The tiny European country of Estonia is fast emerging as a favourite amongst travellers looking to explore the continent beyond clich├ęs and touristy spots. As you escape to this hidden gem close to Scandinavia, myriad unique experiences entice you to explore its rich culture and bountiful nature. While Tallinn’s old town oozes charm with its winding cobbled streets, pastel buildings and magnificent Town Hall, the Baltic beaches and hundreds of picture-perfect Estonian islands let you experience nature in all its pristine glory. Every pretty corner of this gorgeous country promises full bang for its buck with experiences that are high on travel-worthiness and easy on your pocket.

The north-Estonian Baltic Klint boasts of 29 stunning waterfalls that allow you a glimpse into this magical land blessed with picture-postcard locations and breathtaking natural vistas. Here’s our list of the best waterfalls in Estonia that will leave you in awe with their sheer beauty.

Check out the list of waterfalls in Estonia that you should explore with your family and friends while you are on a vacation. Keep scrolling down to know more!

1. Keila Waterfall

Keila Waterfall

Estonia’s third most powerful waterfall is a sight to behold with clear sparkling water cascading down from 6 metres over a wide expanse of 60-70 metres. This breathtaking natural spectacle can be witnessed at the Keila River in Harju County inside the lovely Keila-Joa Park. A road from the park along the river bed and across two suspensions bridges leads to this outstanding natural site that should top your list of must-visit Estonia waterfalls. You can also witness a hydroelectric power project and one of the country’s grandest manors in the vicinity of the fall. The Keila waterfall is also an important part of a wedding day tradition in Estonia, making it culturally significant too.
Travel tip: Visit during spring time to witness the fall at its most spectacular. The frozen version in winters is equally fascinating.

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2. Jagala Waterfall

Jagala Waterfall

Considered as the widest natural waterfall in the country with a drop of 8 metres, Jagala waterfall is the crowning glory on Estonia’s natural landscape. Just a 30-minute ride from Tallinn, the impressive waterfall on the lower course of the Jagala River is considered the country’s very own version of Niagara falls with its powerful spray and great expanse. While the adventurous folk can go right under the fall to immerse in its magic, other can simply soak in the scenic view and capture memorable clicks. While spring is the time to witness the fall in all its glory, the winter sight of a frozen wall of ice is nothing short of spectacular too.
Travel tip: It is better to check the bus time-table before heading off. It takes about 15 minutes from the bus stop to reach the waterfall on foot.

3. Valaste Waterfall

Valaste Waterfall

The sheer fall of the Valaste waterfall is enough to make it to the list of best Estonia waterfalls. With its drop of more than 30 metres, the fall is a lovely sight during the spring season when the water gushes down from the lovely Ontika limestone cliff. Its location right near the sea also adds to the charm of the place and allows you to witness the splendid sunset view to the sound of this thundering natural wonder. Winter transforms the entire scene to a fairytale setting with the spray forming fascinating icicles on the surrounding trees as well.

Travel tip: You can rest and grab a bite at the restaurant close by after witnessing the beautiful fall.

4. Aluoja Cascades

Aluoja Cascades

Magara Creek in Puhajoe village forms the stunning backdrop for these fascinating cascades that plunge down 30 metres in 5 stages. The Magara stream that feeds the falls forms a canyon before leaping into the river valley. The perfect setting amidst a lush tree cover, boulders and the sound of the water makes it one of the best Estonia waterfalls for soaking in the sound and fragrance of pristine nature. The scenic setting also makes for some superb pictures in the wilderness. Winter lends an ethereal charm to the entire area with the frozen drops on trees and water of the falls frozen in mid-air as if by magic!

5. Langevoja Waterfall

 Langevoja Waterfall

Located just a kilometre south of Sillamae, the striking beauty of the surroundings is what takes your breath away as you approach the lovely Langevoja waterfall. The two-tiered fall is fed by a spring and thus dries up occasionally during the summers. The entire area has been developed as a relaxing picnic spot complete with benches, a stone hearth as well as firewood. The setting is just perfect for a rejuvenating escape amidst the splendid natural vistas of the country, making it a worthy addition to our Estonia waterfalls list.

Travel tip: Since there are no pointers or directions for the fall on the Tallinn highway, you must navigate using the GPS.

6. Narva Cascades

Narva Cascades

Image Courtesy

Located on the premises of the erstwhile Kreenholm factory, the pretty cascades can be admired twice a year in the Narva canyon nature reserve. The cascades of gushing water can be viewed in all their glory when the Narva hydro-electric power project releases water from the dam. Usually April-May is a good time to witness these falls and it is better to gather local knowledge before heading out to this lovely spot for a chance to stand by this rare spectacle.

Travel tip: Go behind the building near the water tower for some outstanding views of the island and the waterfall.

7. Pakri Waterfall

Pakri Waterfall

If you plan for a day trip to the beautiful Paldiski peninsula, a visit to this pretty waterfall is a must for nature enthusiasts. Just on the outskirts of the city of Paldiski, enroute the lighthouse you can stop by at this scenic spot for a refreshing back amidst the sound of gushing water. Like most Estonia waterfalls, Pakri can also be fully experienced during the spring season when there is sufficient water. There is a lovely coffee shop right there run by a friendly owner who is happy to share her knowledge about the area and its history. Winters too lend a magical hue to the frozen water of the fall.

8. Kivisilla Waterfall

Kivisilla Waterfall

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Along with the hugely popular Valaste waterfall, Kivisilla is one of the most spectacular Estonia waterfalls in Ida-Viru County. Their accessibility and year-round grandeur make them a popular choice amongst tourists visiting the northern coast of Estonia, Europe. The grand Saka Manor is the nearest landmark and a short path around it takes you straight to the top of this gorgeous multi-drop waterfall. A steep steel stairway goes all the way down to the bottom of the falls at the beach, wherein you can marvel at their beauty and click some memorable pictures.

Travel tip: Be extra cautious while descending down the stairs as they are usually wet and sometimes shrouded in fog.

9. Treppoja Cascades

Treppoja Cascades

Located at the head of the catchment area of Treppoja where it descends from the Illurma Klint cave and beautifully flows through the limestone plateau. Counted amidst the most beautiful Estonia waterfalls and cascades, Treppoja Cascades tumble down 6 escarpments of 1.4 metre each. The sparkling water cascading down in this picturesque setting lends an unmistakable charm to this natural sight. A pedestrian bridge allows visitors to safely walk around and admire this lovely site.

Travel tip: Though the water recedes in the summer, winters and spring are the best times to witness them in their gorgeous best.

With so many magnificent natural sites and numerous Estonia waterfalls beckoning nature lovers to explore the country natural beauty, it surely is time to place this pretty country on your European travel itinerary. So, get packed and book your trip to Europe right away!

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